Cultural Potpourri | Cecilia Pauliño Reta, Hijos de Davao Muse 2018

IN LAST year’s 53rd anniversary celebration of the Hijos de Davao, a statuesque, young mestiza glided through the catwalk wearing Davao’s fashion icon Alfonso “Boy” Guino-o’s Mindanao-inspired gown complete with a headdress.

The young model wore the Guino-o tribal ensemble with such polish, grace and sophistication which wasn’t an easy feat at all for a debuting teen model. Naturally, people started asking who she was. That 17-year-old model was Cecilia Pauliño Reta.

Cecilia Pauliño Reta, Hijos de Davao Muse 2018

Cecilia Pauliño Reta, Hijos de Davao Muse 2018

Cecilia or Sing to people close to her is this year’s 54th Hijos de Davao Muse for 2018-2019. Again, being chosen as Hijos de Davao muse is no easy feat. You have to pass the rigid screening of the Hijos de Davao officers led by the history-loving Vincent J. Garcia; members of the Board with the strict and feisty Atty. Rose Marie T. Cabaguio; and the Advisers with the meticulous Ma. Lourdes Socorro Medina-Estanislao. Yes, an Hijos de Davao muse has to be of good moral character; with good scholastic standing; talented and articulate in more ways than one; compassionate to all; of good family background, just to mention some. And Cecilia P. Reta fulfills the qualifications of an Hijos de Davao muse, no doubt about it.

Cecilia is the youngest, loving daughter of devoted parents Rodolfo Cardoza Reta and Jessieden Pauliño-Reta. She was born in Davao City on Feb. 24, 2000. The granddaughter of Cornelio Bangoy Reta, Cecilia belongs to the sixth generation of the Bangoy-Bustamante-Alzate-Suazo clan.

The 18-year-old Cecilia is presently a graduating Senior High student of the Davao Christian High School. Tall and athletic that she is, she is a volleyball varsity player of her alma mater. She actively involves herself in her school’s extracurricular activities like dancing for the cheering squad; acting in stage plays; public speaking; playing various musical instruments like the guitar, piano and drums for the glee club; which truly makes her a popular student among the student body of the Davao Christian High School.

“I was surprised one time when I saw her on stage in school playing the drums. Not once have I seen her practice with the drums at home. And she was up there getting on the beat of Michael Jackson’s Man on the Moon,” divulged the dotting mom, Jessieden, as she continued, “Cecilia is a loving daughter. She never fails to make us proud of her. In whatever she does, be it in academics or extracurricular activities in school, she always gives her best. Happily, she always gets recognized for her good deeds. Although Cecilia is strong-willed, determined and outspoken, she has lots of friends and gets along well with various people with different interests. I always remind her to be respectful, kind and thoughtful to people, young or old. I hope she doesn’t forget the values of love and respect for the family. And may she remain God-fearing in all her decisions in life. Like any other mother, I pray that my daughter fulfills her dreams.” One of Cecilia’s dreams is to be a medical doctor someday. She is now planning of taking up a course in B.S. Medical Laboratory Science.

According to Cecilia, she has been attending the Hijos de Davao celebrations since she was 12 years old. “Through those years, I’ve seen how the Hijos de Davao events bring Davaoeños together as one. Hijos de Davao is special to me because as I was growing up, the organization has taught me the significance of family ties in the growth of the community. It also makes me proud to be a part of Davao’s oldest social organization that remains relevant to this day as it reaches out to help the less fortunate residents of Davao City. Through the Hijos de Davao Cultural and Educational Foundation, Inc. (a non-stock and non-profit corporation) the members engage in activities and programs dedicated to the promotion, enhancement, preservation and protection of our cultural heritage and the educational and social amelioration of Davaoeños thus alleviating their standard of living.”

“To be chosen as this year’s muse is truly an honor and an opportunity to represent my family. I take pride in my being a Davaoeña. And Hijos de Davao is not just a gathering for people to dress up to impress others in a party. This is actually a reunion of Davaoeños who love their home; and share one vision in making Davao a truly progressive, safe and beautiful Land of Promise,” declared the Hijos de Davao Muse for 2018, Cecilia P. Reta.

On June 29, 2018, the Hijos de Davao Muse will be escorted to the Hijos de Davao Ball by Brandon Chad Cody Tuano Gahol, the son of Ricardo Tionko Gahol and Lucille Tuano-Gahol. Cody graduated from the De La Salle University with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Commerce. He is presently employed at the Trust Department of the Union Bank in Ortigas Center, Manila.

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