CULTURAL POTPOURRI | A Two-tti Fruity Party for Alessandra Marie Basa Macapagal

     MILLENNIAL tots never have it so good these days.  Dotting grandparents and parents shower them with fantastic kiddie parties which children of my generation could only fantasize about in the past.  When Alesandra Marie Basa Macapagal turned two years old, a colorful “two-tti fruity” birthday party to remember was organized for her by her loving parents, lawyer dad, Ferdinand Macapagal, and banker mommy, Ana Patricia Basa Macapagal.

THE Basa Family

THE Basa Family

     The venue was filled with balloons in various bright colors along with the interesting decors to make the guests smile with a happy face.  Then the cute Macapagal kids made a grand entrance riding in a carriage which looked just like the one printed on the invitation card.  The artwork was done by the birthday celebrant’s aunt, Eena Beato.  There were carts for the Potato Corner French Fries, Thirsty Fruit Drinks, and I-Sticker for that personalized stick-on labels.  My, but there was also the Click Avenue photo booth for those pictures worth a thousand words of happy memories.  The dessert table was, naturally, an instant magnet for the sweet-toothed kids with its bountiful supply of colorful fruits, specially made cupcakes, and fruit-designed cake pops from Sheenful Sweets and Miss Baker.

     With so much joy, Marie donned a flattering Hawaiian attire and danced with total zeal to the tune of “Sha la la la la.”  Naturally, the captivated guests could not help but give the little wonder girl with an irresistible smile a standing ovation.

      Indeed, there was this cute smile on Marie’s face to prove that she was enjoying her brand of entertainment number.  Why, even lawyer Danny Basa, Marie’s maternal grandfather, paternal grandparents Mac and Becky Macapagal, dear grandaunts Linda Basa Cinneo, Delia Basa Lim, Becky Torno, and granduncles Jun Basa, Boy and Don Torno also gave the performance of their life by dancing along with the cutie Marie.

      In attendance were the loving titas of Marie namely Dr. Loy Ayroso, Sylvia Jalandoni-Garcia, Baby Morales and of course, the devoted grandaunt Mely Bonifacio.  Naturally, the godparents made their happy presence felt like Dr. Vivic Lim, Kaymark and Amber Caranto, Ruel and Teng Trinidad, Eliza and James Magno.  From the bright lawyers’ group came Mel and Mayette Sumatra, Benjie and Jennifer Menor, Patrick and Pie Tabunda.  Not to be missed was the BPI group of Ryan and Jackie Cato, Pael and Kristine Cacayan, Vangie and Jairah Santos, Douvin and Anna Lambo, Erich and Gabby Alba, Stephanie and Nice Magsico, Arvee Sanchez, Fonzi and Kia Marquez (the manager of BPI Abreeza who is ever ready to serve with a sweet smile), and Rodel and Dioie Garcia with Karmy Adle.

     The non-stop entertainment was hosted by Maria Sarah Abracia who came up with various games and gave out prizes which were all “two-tti fruity” themed goodies to such excited kids and even adults.  The most awaited number was a Bubble Show enjoyed by everybody.

     Happy Birthday, Alessandra Marie.  I know you’ll have more wonderful birthday parties coming your way through your happy years.

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