Cultural Potpourri | A Benedicto thanksgiving

Last fine Sunday evening, May 20, 2018, restaurateurs Rommel and Lena Benedicto of Patok sa Manok and Rekado fame gathered their dear family members, relatives, and friends.  Their popular Rekado restaurant was reserved for them the whole evening to celebrate their handsome and bright unico hijo Miguel’s passing of his bar exams last Apr. 26, 2018.  It was also a thanksgiving for the safe return of Rommel and Lena and their happy barkada after spending a much-deserved rest and recreation in Europe.  Sharing her stellar presence during the special occasion was Miguel’s beloved lola, Eloisa V. Benedicto, who came accompanied by her son, Zafiro, who both flew in from Manila.Rommel and Lena were all smiles, naturally. It was truly a proud moment for them.  “As a young boy, Miguel wished to become a lawyer when he grew up.  He was not really the studious type as he was quite active in sports like roller skating and wrestling that you’d often find him playing with friends or working out in the gym on his free time rather than doing research in a library.  The youngest among our children, the 29-year-old Miguel is our lucky, headstrong and determined child being born in the Year of the Dragon,” revealed the loving mama Lena.  Mind you, but papa Rommel and lawyer Miguel attended the happy occasion wearing coordinated summery outfits of khaki pants matched with white cotton polo shirts. Both looked really cool.

Although Miguel studied at the Ateneo de Davao Grade School for two years, he continued his elementary and high school studies in California, USA.  Upon his return to Davao, he enrolled for an AB Political Science course at the Ateneo de Davao University.  Miguel then proceeded to study Law at the Ateneo de Manila University where he became a member of the Aquila Legis Fraternity.  For some personal reason, Miguel transferred on his second year of studies to the Arellano Law School in Pasay City where he graduated in October of 2016.

Lena must have spent the whole Sunday preparing her fantastic culinary creations at the Rekado kitchen.  The Spanish-influenced dishes she served reminded me of delights our lolas used to serve on special occasions but given a modern twist by Lena’s (or is it Pauline’s) Rekado.  Until this time, my mouth is still salivating for her lengua con champinon and salmon on a bed of creamy spinach, to mention some.  And her desserts were as equally fabulous.  Indeed, it was a riotous reception at the buffet table.

After dinner, the excited mamas, including the 90+ tita Eloisa, gathered together for a round of line dancing performed with live music coming from a trio of talented “glutha-pale” entertainers with blonde hair.  The earnestness of the bailarinas must have been induced by the free flowing wines provided so generously by Rommel and Lena.

Indeed, it was a fabulous night to celebrate Attorney Miguel Benedicto’s victory.  It was truly worth the wait for the Benedictos.


























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