CTOO: Beautification of Sta. Ana wharf begins  

SIGNIFICANT changes are expected to be seen in Sta. Ana Wharf as the City Tourism Operations Office begins its “beautification” project in the effort to make the area into an eco-tourism spot.

City Tourism Officer Gene Rose Tecson said on Monday that “doable changes” are already in the works in the area. “We intend to beautify the area by putting trees and grasses, as well as food stalls and souvenir shops,” she said.

Tecson said visitors will witness these changes as early as May this year. This is one of the projects of the city to sustain interest among local and foreign tourists.

She said there are marching orders from the mayor to clean and work on the area.

This project is part of the city’s Comprehensive Land Use Plan for 2013 to 2022. The Sta. Ana Wharf has 15 ports.

The development of Sta. Ana Wharf into an Eco-Tourism Port Complex is part of the infrastructure projects in the plan, which states that the area be highlighted as a center for maritime tradition by encouraging a dynamic mix of water-based, environmental, retail and cultural heritage tourism experiences.

Budget to develop this is has not been disclosed by Tecson.

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