Couple nabbed for P.35M drugs

A SUSPECTED marijuana pusher was wounded in a shoot-out during a buy-bust operation that resulted to a car chase from Ladislawa Village in Barangay Buhangin to Cabaguio Avenue in Agdao District on Sunday night.

Agents arrested Karl Michael Tantano, 29, and wife Katrina, 28, for allegedly selling and possessing marijuana, reportedly amounting to P350,000.

Sr. Insp. Maria Teresita Gaspan, the spokesperson of Davao City Police Office (DCPO), said the Buhangin Police Precinct, under Chief Insp. Jack Tilcag, through its drug enforcement unit, conducted the buy-bust operation at Olive Drive in the said barangay at around 7:30 p.m., Sunday.

The operatives were targeting a marijuana-selling couple who were identified as Uncle and Madam, of Deca Ezperanza, Barangay Tigatto, Buhangin District.

Upon arrival at Olive Drive, the operatives moved to Ladislawa Village upon the request of the suspects.

At around 8:30 p.m. that day, the suspects arrived onboard a dark green Kia Pride Sedan, bearing plate number UFM-183, at the entrance of Ladislawa Village.

According to the report, the female suspect, said to be a home-based call center agent, gave five rectangular-shaped packs in a zipped-locked cellophane, suspected to contain dried marijuana leaves to the poseur-buyer in exchange of P2,500.

The male suspect gave the cellophane to his wife.

When the husband reportedly sensed that they were transacting with a police officer, he immediately took a firearm.

He allegedly aimed the gun to the poseur buyer and pulled the trigger. However, the gun malfunctioned.

It went off on his second try, but he failed to hit the undercover policeman.

This prompted the operatives to retaliate as the male suspect already posed imminent danger.

The couple then sped-off on their vehicle and even tried to bump one of the operatives. The police officer was able to evade the car.

The vehicle fled towards Palm Drive in Buhangin, prompting the operatives to give chase.

The car chase reached Cabaguio Avenue, at the boundary of Barangays Wilfredo Aquino and Paciano Bangoy in Agdao District, where the suspects were subdued.

Operatives found out that the male suspect a sustained gunshot wound on his right arm.

He was immediately brought to the nearby Southern Philippines Medical Center for treatment.

The female suspect was brought to the station for proper disposition.

The suspect’s firearm was recovered at the flooring of the driver’s side of the car.

The homemade .38 caliber revolver, with defaced serial number, was loaded with four live ammunitions and one fired cartridge.

The operating team recovered inside the suspects’ vehicle the buy-bust money amounting to P2,500, three bundles of suspected marijuana leaves wrapped in Manila paper, one big transparent cellophane, 91 rectangular-shaped packs in zipped-locked cellophane containing suspected dried marijuana leaves and one weighing scale. Authorities said the confiscated drug is estimated to worth P350,000.

The confiscated illegal drugs were turned over to the regional Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency XI for laboratory examination and custody.



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