Couple murdered; husband tagged in illegal drugs trade

INVESTIGATORS were still facing a blankwall on the murder of a couple in Barangay Colosas, Paquibato District Sunday.

Senior Insp. Jessie Castaneda, Paquibato Police Precinct commander, said investigators have not ascertained the motive for the murder of Rico Jimenez and his wife, Maricel, inside their house in Purok 3.

Castaneda said the husband was inside their house, while his wife was at their neighbor’s house when attackers shot each of them. Rico suffered two gunshot wounds on the head and right arm, while the wife was hit on the head, right chest and left arm as they both died instantly.

Castaneda, however, claimed the couple decided to transfer to Paquibato District several months ago when the authorities found out that the husband was involved in illegal drugs trade.

Recovered from the crime scenes were four empty shells and three slugs of .45 caliber pistols.

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