Councilor lauds CCT for Lumads

COUNCILOR Berino Mambo-o on Tuesday said the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) already rid the modified conditional cash transfer for indigenous peoples of  “undisciplined non-Lumad beneficiaries.”

The program, which is part of the DSWD’s Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program, was praised by Mambo-o in his privilege speech.

“This system [does] away with the illegitimate insertion of undisciplined non-Lumad beneficiaries,” he said, adding that the council recognized the DSWD’s efforts in going to the Lumad communities to conduct interviews and evaluating the qualified IP beneficiaries.

Under the program, beneficiaries are defined as those who are residing in vulnerable and disadvantaged areas, those living in geographically isolated areas, IP families with young children and children enrolled in basic education, alternative learning systems or indigenous schooling systems, and those living outside their ancestral domain.

The program was launched in June of this year, with implementation starting in September, targeting more than 10,000 IP beneficiaries in the region.

“[ The program] would certainly alleviate our economic status. This is social justice for the lumad enshrined in our Constitution and the prevailing indigenous people’s laws,” said Mambo-o.

Mambo-o is the mandatory IP representative in city council, and chairs the committee on cultural communities and Muslim affairs.

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