Councilor bats for change in publication committee’s duty

A CITY councilor recommended to amend the duty of the committee on publication as it is redundant to the duty of the secretary of the Sangguniang Panlungsod.

Councilor Mabel Sunga-Acosta, former chair on the committee on publication, said there is a need to change the functions of the committee.

According to Acosta, the committee was established by resolution 8754, series of 1995. Under the revised rules of Sangguniang Panlungsod, the body is in charge of the publication of all forms and classes of resolutions and ordinances enacted by the Sanggunian that are required to be published.

However, she added that it contradicts with the duties of the secretary to the Sanggunian as it “shall transmit official copies of such ordinances to the chief executive officer of the Official Gazette within seven days following the approval of the said ordinance for publication purposes. The Official Gazette may publish ordinances with penal sanctions for archival and reference purposes.

“The function of this committee is non-essential since the office of the SP Secretary is already the office responsible for the process of publishing ordinances and resolutions of Davao City. This committee will be redundant as its main function is already in the hands of another office,” Acosta said

The councilor, meanwhile, suggested to change the functions of the publication committee.

“Instead of publishing passed ordinances and resolution, we will make it as an avenue for learning and information gathering. We will publish books, magazines, articles and the like which may be relevant to the society and those that are keeping abreast with the recent events,” said Acosta adding that “it shall be the committee in charge, for example, of the Code of Ordinances of Davao City, which as of this time in need of a new edition to cover the recently passed landmark legislations of the City Council.”

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