Cotabato warden eyes improvement of jail

COTABATO CITY — The Maguindanao jail warden who uncovered a plot to escape of a high risk inmate on Friday said he has recommended the building improvement of the jail facility.

Armando Baguamama, provincial jail warden and chief of Maguindanao’s House of Correction, said Saturday he has recommended for additional concrete walls from its current 10 feet concrete fence.

He also recommended for additional jail guards who will help secure the more than 400 inmates of the jail facility located at PC Hill, an Army reservation area, which is just adjacent to residential homes.

On Friday morning, jail guards, led by Baguamama conducted an early morning routine check, when they found portions of the iron grill of cell No. 2 was almost cut with hack saw.

Baguaman said Datukan Samad, alias Commander Lastikman, Maguindanao and North Cotabato’s most wanted man, plotted the escape along with 28 other inmates of Cell No. 2.

Responding jail guards also found a parked motorbike just across the window where Samad was detained.

Officials believed the motorbike was intentionally left for Samad to use in his escape.

As the Maguindanao jail officials heightened alert status, a woman whose husband was detained, tried to sneak in one sachet of shabu. The attempt was foiled when the jail guards, suspicious of the woman’s actions, decided to slice the cake she was carrying.

The cake yielded a plastic sealed shabu.

Baguamama also revealed that several shabu paraphernalia were also recovered from Samad’s cell, an indication the inmates were using the prohibited substance. (PNA)

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