Cops flunked

Failing marks for some cops training to become Digong’s close-in escorts
SOME police officers initially eyed to become close-in security escorts of incoming president Rodrigo Duterte kissed their dreams goodbye.

Supt. Filmore Escobal, current chief of Regional Intelligence Office in PRO-XI who will soon assume as the liaison officer of Presidential Security Group, said some of the police officers failed to pass the screening test.

Escobal said four from the first batch of 40 personnel did not pass the screening test.

The remaining 36 will undergo neurological and medical test.

“After the neuro and medical test, we will know how many police officers will proceed to the training,” Escobal told TIMES. “The neuro and medical test is very strict.”

The PSG is recruiting about 120 police officers from the different units of the Police Regional Office XI (PRO-XI) to be become security officers of Duterte who wanted to have police escorts coming from Davao.

Escobal said the 120 police officers will be divided into three, with 40 cops in each batch of training. They are undergoing a VIP (very important person) training for at least 10 days that include special weapons and tactic (SWAT) and police scout training.

“The first batch is already sent for training in Malacanang,” Escobal said. “They will undergo neuro and medical test today,” Escobal said. He said the training of the first batch will end on

June 11.

“The second batch will be send after the first batch ended their training and then the third batch follows,” Escobal said. “So by the time that President Duterte assumes his post, we already presidential security officers coming from Davao region.”

Meanwhile, Col. Rolando Joselito Bautista, the incoming PSG commander, said PSG personnel from Manila are already in the city.

Bautista said the personnel are already securing Duterte while he goes from one place to another. Some are detailed at Duterte’s house.

“We have already detailed in the so-called Malacañang of the South (at the depot of the Department of Public Works and Highways at Panacan),” said Bautista who did not reveal the numbers of PSG agents already in the city.

He said it is the duty of the PSG to secure Duterte and his family.

Meanwhile, Chief Insp. Andrea Dela Cerna, PRO XI spokesperson, revealed that a ranking police officer has already applied for the post of Davao City Police Office director.

“We have one person who applied for the position in the person of Supt. John Michael Dubria,” Dela Cerna said.

Dubria is the current chief of PRO-XI’s Regional Operations and Divisions Management.

The position of DCPO director will soon be vacated as Senior Supt. Vicente Danao Jr. has been tapped to become the next chief of the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA).