Confiscated DVDs yet to be disposed

The Optical Media Board (OMB) plans to bring to its national headquarters in Manila the P65-million worth of pirated movies and music on DVDs.

But the Davao City Police Office (DCPO) said it is seeking a localized destruction of the confiscated wares.

Joint OMB-DCPO team seized the illegal items in simultaneous raids in the city last week.

DCPO spokesperson Sr. Insp. Ma. Theresita Gaspan yesterday said the OMB has the discretion where to dispose the confiscated items but they are just requesting it to be done here in the city.

The DCPO currently holds custody of the confiscated items.

Gaspan said they are still waiting for the proceedings being conducted by the OMB on the case before any disposal.

Part of the proceedings, Gaspan said, is to notify the stall owners who received the inspection order.
The stall owners have the right to answer the charges within a certain period, she said.

“So within that period they will exhaust all administrative proceeding,” Gaspan said.

At least 20 stall owners are placed under the inquiry, DCPO director Sr. Supt. Alexander Tagum said.
Tagum said they want to destroy the seized items in the city to “dismiss doubt that those will be recycled.”

He said recycling of the items, even just one-third of it, “is still a big thing.”

The city police office director said he is recommending that the destruction be made here and that the resulting waste would be brought to Manila.

Tagum revealed that the DVD writers and high-end printers were just being manufactured in the city.

The simultaneous raids resulted in the confiscation of 443 sacks of counterfeit/pirated movie/music DVDs and CDs, two TV sets, 119 DVD/CD writers, and two DVD/CD players with an estimated commercial value of P65 million.

Among the areas raided in Poblacion District was Boulevard where pirated DVDs were rampantly sold in several stalls, some were even near Sta. Police Precinct. Also raided were stalls along San Pedro and Duterte streets in the downtown area.

The simultaneous operations started at 2:30 p.m. on Friday, right after Tagum and OMB chair Anselmo Adriano signed a memorandum of agreement at the DCPO conference room inside Camp Capt. Domingo Leonor along San Pedro Street.

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