Comval to build gold museum

THE PROVINCIAL government of Compostela Valley will set up a 5,000-square meter gold museum that highlights the province’s mining and jewelry industries.

Christine T. Dompor, senior tourism operations officer of Compostela Valley, said the project would be established at Capitol Compound, Cabidianan, Nabunturan. She said the detailed engineering design on the project is now completed.

The province also gained approval from the Department of Tourism (DOT) to pursue the project.

“We hope to finish this in three to four years once we start to establish the gold museum,” Dompor said.

In a briefer on the project, this would highlight “an interactive dramatization in diorama of the mineral’s formation, how it shaped the socio-cultural and economic character of the province and its people, the metal’s history from its discovery in the 1980s to its extraction and processing, and a presentation of the province’s green mining initiative.”

A tunnel would also be established in the museum to let the visitors have a mining experience.

Dompor said there would be jewelry artisans that would feature their products in the museum. She said they are working with the DOT and Tourism Infrastructure and Enterprise Zone Authority to implement the project.

The project was also endorsed by the Regional Development Council (RDC) XI.

“We are working on this to make as an iconic landmark in the province,” Dompor said.

The provincial government, based on its document submitted to RDC XI, estimated that the project will cost P175 million. It will have exhibit areas, corridor, conference room and jewelry shops. (KMF)

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