Coastal residents told off unknown men trying to enter city

RESIDENTS of a coastal area in Matina Aplaya reportedly blocked three men on board a motorized banca (outrigger) as they tried to dock on the beach on Saturday night.

The three men then turned around to unknown direction.

Speaking in yesterday’s Kapehan sa SM, Lt. Gen. Rey Leonardo Guerrero, commander of Eastern Mindanao Command, said the incident was a perfect illustration of how communities can help authorities in keeping peace and order.

“We need to work together to make sure that the city is safe and secured,” he said. “The important (thing) is the public participation and the vigilance in monitoring and reporting suspicious things that take place in the barangay.”

Guerrero said they verified the report but could not really jump to any conclusions considering that the three men were no longer there when they arrived.

He said even with the intensified security due to martial law, law enforcers could not cover all borders of Davao City. This is where the community’s role plays a part.

The EastMinCom has already maximized security measures, checkpoints and patrols to deter any terror attacks in the city. Barangay officials were also asked to deploy volunteers who will serve as the core information group that will monitor unknown individuals and suspected activities.

Meanwhile, the EastMinCom yesterday distributed brochures and flyers to raise awareness on the legal basis for the declaration of martial law. Also included in the information are the profile of the Maute group and its links to ISIS, as well as a briefer of what happened in Marawi.

The brochures also sought to explain the meaning of suspension of habeas corpus in Mindanao.

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