Clamping of illegally parked cars mulled

THE CITY council is seeking to file an ordinance that would clamp illegally parked vehicles along major roads.

Councilor Ma. Belen Acosta, speaking at the weekly Pulong Pulong ni Pulong, told reporters that illegally parked vehicles should be clamped by agencies such as the City Transport and Traffic Management Office for further contributing to heavy traffic here.

Traffic has been bumper-to-bumper along major highways with the closure of the diversion road since Friday.

However, Acosta said the drive to alternate routes such as Ma-a was no different because of illegally parked vehicles along the road.

She added that vehicles such as trucks should also time their travels properly, avoiding major roads in the city. The city’s traffic code bans the entry and operation of trucks during the rush hours in the morning and afternoons.

The local ordinance allows trucks to park at the side of roads in areas such as Toril and Catalunan Pequeno.

Acosta said that the said trucks should not leave their warehouses if they would pass through the city during the truck bans. “They can’t run away if they are clamped,” Acosta said, referring to the illegally parked vehicles.

Acosta said that the vehicle owners may only get the clamps unlocked if they have settled their fines with the local government.

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