City to send 15 Mandarin-speaking Dabawenyos to study in Nanning

MAYOR SARA Duterte Carpio revealed that the local government will be sending 15 Mandarin-speaking Dabawenyos to study in Nanning, China as part of a proposed memorandum of agreement between the two sister cities.

A delegation from Nanning visited the city earlier this week to propose, among others, an educational scholarship partnership between the two cities.

However, Mayor Carpio said she would prefer sending those who were already speaking the language as the medium of instruction in the Chinese city was Mandarin.

The 15 scholars, whose education will be funded by Nanning’s scholarship program, will study courses in the universities in the Chinese city.

“We have a challenge with regards to the medium of instruction,” Mayor Carpio said. “So I would prefer if the applicant already has a background in Mandarin.”

Otherwise, the scholarship would be wasted.

However, she said that students who don’t speak the language can still try, but will have to take language classes.

“We prefer that the applicants have a background in mandarin. If not, they still have to study Mandarin so the scholarship won’t go to waste,” she said.

The proposed MOA is now being studied by the City Legal Office, which will determine if there are any legal impediments to the proposed partnership.

After that, the city council will deliberate whether it would authorize the Mayor to represent the city through her signature in the MOA.

“We hope that by Sept. during the ASEAN expo we can bring the MOA to Nanning for signing,” Mayor Carpio said.

Speaking at the Pulong- Pulong ni Pulong media forum Tuesday morning, Councilor Al- Ryan Alejandre said that the local government of Nanning City in China will be introducing an exchange scholarship program to the city.

This scholarship program, the councilor said, will give opportunity to chosen recipients to enroll a four- year course in all universities and colleges in Nanning City.

“As of the moment, they are still working on the guidelines and requirements to be included in the scholarship program,” Councilor Alejandre said.

Accordingly, the exchange program will be providing a full scholarship grants to the 15 student recipients, which will include free tuition fee, miscellaneous, and accommodation. The recipients will also receive training on basic Mandarin speaking and writing skills before going to China.

Meanwhile, Councilor Alejandre also said that Nanning City Mayor Zhou Hongbo together with his delegation attended the Monday’s regular flag raising ceremony at the City Hall inviting the local government to participate in the 12th China International Garden Expo which will be held on December 2018.

The garden expo is annual event conducted by Nanning City being the so- called Green City of China.

The Nanning City which has been a sisterhood city of Davao since 2006 is also seeking approval from the local government to use the name of Davao City for the exhibit in the December 2018 expo.

“It is the first time that Philippines will be participating into this International Garden Expo,” Alejandre said.

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