City to invest in disaster ID cards

The City Government will be investing in producing identification cards to be used during disaster response, as a part of a P426.5 million Local Disaster Risk Reduction Management Fund Investment Plan (LDRRMFIP).

The idea is for each family in the city to hold an updated disaster card to help them receive social services in times of disaster.

A slight delay between the delivery of immediate social services during disasters occurs during the validation stage—the first minutes or hours spent by workers at the City Social Services and Development Office (CSSDO).

This is usually the most confusing time during post-disaster assessment, as those who were hit by calamities such as fires and flashfloods have to line up and identify themselves, their family members and other dependents, and estimated loss of properties, among others.

The social workers and other agencies such as the Bureau of Fire Protection (during fires) would then assess where the homes are categorized in terms of damage.

The CSSDO said the provision of ID cards would reduce the need for this portion, with government agencies already given the information on the spot.

The program would also include a database of social services clients to provide faster services.
CSSDO head Ma. Luisa Bermudo, in an interview, said that this was one of the major thrusts of Mayor Sara Duterte.

“The provision on the disaster card has long been planned by the city government,” Bermudo told policymakers last month.

The idea would be to reduce the need for interviews during critical moments after the disaster.

The city aims to provide around 300,000 families with the identification cards, granted the city still has around 1.7 million population.