City gov’t to inspect buildings, says exec

THE CITY government is preparing to inspect buildings as it implements its new schedule of real property valuations by next year, the chief of the City Assessor’s Office said. 

This, as the city council earlier passed an ordinance revising the city’s property valuations starting 2018.

Mayor Sara Duterte-Carpio has yet to sign the ordinance.

City Assessor Jaime Adalin said during Monday’s flag ceremony that the item was timely since the city had not revised its schedule of taxes for real properties for nine years.

“It is timely and appropriate and in compliance with the Local Government Code,” Adalin said as the Code mandates a revision of real property valuations once every three years.

“The purpose is to update and equalize valuation,” Adalin said.

Adalin told a crowd composed of government employees that being part of the local government was no exemption to the rule on updated taxes.

“It is our obligation to pay taxes promptly and diligently,” he said.

Adalin said that the government will be scheduling rounds of building inspections, especially with buildings that have constructed expansions in the past years.

In its annual audit reports, the Commission on Audit (COA) has repeatedly questioned the lack of updates on the part of the city government when it came to real property taxes.

Earlier this year, the city government had also required property owners to file sworn statements declaring the true value of their properties.

Section 202 of the Local Government Code mandates the declaration of the actual value of properties.

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