City Council to probe PLDT copper wire theft

THE COMMITTEE on transportation and communications will look into the massive stealing of copper wires, which reportedly contributed to the slow Internet connection.

Councilor Conrado Baluran, in his privilege speech, said he received complaints from his constituents with regard to the poor and slow connection of the PLDT-related services.
With this, Baluran has called on the PLDT to explain. A representative assured him that they will improve and provide better services but they are also asking for the help of the City Council.
“It was only then that I was informed that there is a massive and rampant stealing of cable line facilities in our city. Those cables are made up of pure copper wires. The said incident is the primary reason why there is a service interruption in the Internet connection and telephone lines,” Baluran said.
Baluran also explained that a full length of stolen cable wire will affect about 400 households, which will suffer from slow or loss of connection.
A kilo of copper wire will cost P500 in the junkshop.
“This kind of illegal activity must be stopped,” he said. “Also, we must prevent criminals posing as linemen or cable man from entering our households to ensure the safety of our loved ones.”
The item was passed on first reading yesterday.

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