City bids to institutionalize efforts vs pediatric cancer

A councilor is proposing an ordinance that seeks to institutionalize efforts of the city against pediatric cancer.

Councilor Avegayle Ortiz-Omalza, chair of the council committee on women, children and family relations, said that the proposed ordinance “will expand efforts to collectively manage and control cancer in all its form and increasing investments for its prevention, optimal treatment, and adopting an integrated local disciplinary and patient-family center.”
The proposal was passed on first reading on Feb. 13 and was referred to the committee on health; committee on women, children and family relations; and committee on social services. The joint committee will discuss measures and protocols in support of the ordinance’s purpose.
The councilor in her privilege speech said there’s a need to pass an ordinance since cancer remains one of the leading causes of mortality, especially in children.
Meanwhile, Dr. Mae Concepcion J. Dolendo, head of the Children’s Cancer Center of the Children’s Cancer Center of the Department of Pediatrics of Southern Philippines Medical Center, said acute leukemia and retinoblastoma (afflicting the retina in young children) are the most common types of pediatric cancer in Mindanao.
Based on the records, the SPMC in 2017 received 347 new cases, wherein 250 were malignant and the remaining 77 nonmalignant.
According to the proclamation, more than 250,000 children and adolescent around the world are diagnosed with childhood cancer every year, with at least 3,500 new cases recorded in the Philippines annually. The figure made cancer one of the leading causes of death attributed to non-communicable diseases among children.
The American Cancer Society said that children are more prone to these types of cancer:

 Leukemia
 Hodgkin and non-Hodgkin Lymphoma
 Tumors in the brain and spinal cord
 Neuroblastoma
 Bone cancer
 Retinoblastoma
The city government on Monday unveiled the “Gold Ribbon,” in support of the International Childhood Cancer Day on Monday.
Pursuant to Proclamation No. 01 Series of 2018, Mayor Inday Sara Duterte supports the global call for every 15th day of February as International Childhood Cancer Day.
February is National Cancer Prevention Month.

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