Christmas mini-vacay in the Alice log house

SOMETIMES, the best place to relax and chill for a day is just within the boundary of the city. Alice Log House located along the Buda highway is a perfect haven for family and barkada getaway. The place offers exclusive renting for groups where the entire log cabin and its amenities can be enjoyed exclusively including an amazing view of the Arakan Valley.


ALICE Log House view from the highway.

Alice Log House is only 75 kilometers away from the downtown of Davao City, in Bagong Silang, Baganihan, Marilog. While Alice Log House’s exterior shows a homey abode with colorful flowers surrounding its front ground, its interiors are a combination of a laid back furniture design filled with lots of games like billiard, darts, and board games in its playroom. Every group of people who stay at the Alice Log House always feel at home and tend to think of themselves as the first-users of the picturesque log house on top of the valley.

At night time when temperature starts to drop at its coldest, renters are ushered to the comforts of their relaxing lazy boys and lounge bed while enjoying unlimited movie marathon, or karaoke, or just by listening to the sound of nature during nighttime at the peak. It is an ideal Christmas mini-vacation away from the confines of city life and stresses of work and polluted environment.


CHRISTMAS decorations inside the log house.

During the day, the best thing to do is go to EPOL waterfalls which is only 30 minutes walking distance from Alice Log House. An unforgettable dip at the “Everlasting Presence Of Love” falls, will make one fall in love with the place. But, certain precautions must be taken into consideration while trekking downslope towards the falls from the road due to its slippery pathway.

Alice Log House only accepts advance booking for date reservations, however, in few months after the Christmas season, they may open a motorist’s restaurant beside the log house, where passerby vehicles and their travelers can have a cozy and chillaxing stopover. To book your reservation at the Alice Log House, you may call Jen at +63 943 448 4157.

Merry Christmas!

P.S. Thanks Madam Alice and Jen Lique for the warm accommodation. Thanks also Johnnah Lou Bago for the photos!

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