CHO targets 1,000 men for free vasectomy

The City Health Office (CHO) will provide service to 1,000 clients to undergo a scalpel-free vasectomy procedure on Nov. 5 and 7 at the Tomas Claudio health center. This is part of the World Vasectomy Day celebration. Samuel G. Cruz, assistant city health officer, said the CHO regularly holds vasectomy procedures every last Friday of the month, it will be the city’s second time to participate in the international event since it was launched last year.

According to Jeff Fuentes, population program officer of the CHO, since the city’s use of the no-scalpel vasectomy procedures in 2008, a total of 398 clients have availed of the free, non-invasive procedure.

Meanwhile, CHO representatives stressed that the event is also a way to promote and encourage not just vasectomy, but also a culture of men availing of contraceptive procedures to “unburden” their families.

“Contraceptives should not only be associated with women, like ligation and other methods. Through vasectomy, we are offering an alternative to men to show their responsibility towards their family,” said Fuentes.

“A man’s openness in participating in sexual and reproductive issues is a great factor in the improvement of the situation of women’s [rights] in areas such as sexuality, safe motherhood, and avoidance of sexually transmitted diseases,” added Cruz in a statement.

Fuentes added that a “health seeking behavior” from men also promotes a healthier family. For the event on Nov. 7, Fuentes said there will be four surgeons available to perform the procedure.

Apart from taking part in World Vasectomy Day, the CHO will also hold a forum titled “Katungdanan Isip Amahan” on Nov. 6 as part of the education campaign on men’s responsibility towards reproductive health.

“We want to give an update especially to the barangay captains on the situation of our programs geared toward reproductive health,” Fuentes said.

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