Changing women’s lives

ENRICH women’s lives. That is the mission of Mary Kay Philippines as it goes beyond selling cosmetics and skincare products. And in its 17th year in doing business in the country, the company is hoping to touch and help uplift more Filipinas nationwide.

“As our founder Mary Kay Ash used to say, we are doing more than selling cosmetics, we are changing women’s lives,” shared Joanna Therese C. Dueñas, country general manager of Mary Kay Philippines.

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JOANNA Therese C. Dueñas, country general manager of Mary Kay Philippines

Dueñas said they want to make Filipinas to succeed not just in the financial aspect but to have a balanced life through instilling the core values. One of the core values is the golden rule: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

The other core values, she said, are to have a balanced priority and to help without minding having in return.

She shared that they are able to touch the lives of many Filipinas, including those who have become their beauty consultants and sales directors who now earn an income of as much as six figures.


MARY Kay provides interactive skin care and make up class to Davao media and bloggers on May 12 at Sea Green Café.

“Whether it is a part-time endeavor or primary source of income, the Mary Kay opportunity gives women a proven way to pave their own destiny,” said Criscy B. Camacho, director for marketing of Mary Kay Philippines.

“Mary Kay gives women the opportunity to discover the things they love in life like spending time with their families, being their own boss or being able to afford the extra necessities in life like travelling,” Camacho said.

Mary Kay Philippines marked its 17th year last May 12, also the birthday of its founder Mary Kay Ash. Part of its anniversary celebration was the conduct of Career Conference at The Pinnacle Hotel and Suites on Saturday.

The company also hosted intimate gathering at Sea Green Café where the journalists and bloggers were provided with an interactive skin care and make up class.


THE top officials of Mary Kay Philippines with the journalists and bloggers.

Camacho shared the Davao market is important as it “has always been one of their biggest areas” where they are able to enrich lives and provide positive impact to women. She said the presence of their beauty center in the city, specifically at the ground floor of Philam Life in Rizal St., proved their “confidence in the city.”

“It is a promising area that we continue to invest in,” Camacho said.

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