CEO soon to initiate extensive inspections on city buildings

THE CITY Engineering Office (CEO) will be conducting a massive inspection drive on buildings and business establishments soon.

Engr. Hilario Fernandez, CEO Inspection and Enforcement Division chief, said the annual building inspection will cover establishments, particularly those that are deemed unsafe for habitation and occupancy.

“We have been doing this building inspection annually, but not everybody will be inspected because of the sheer number (of buildings),” he said.

If there are deficiencies found during annual inspection, they will notify the establishment to repair or fix the portion of the building. The CEO has yet to issue a timeline for the renovation since the establishment would still need to apply for another building permit for any changes in structure.

Cockpit investigation

Meanwhile, when asked if the CEO also plans to conduct inspection on Mintal Galleria, which was the issue raised during city council’s session on Tuesday due to sanitation and safety problems, Fernandez said they have already finished with their assessment.

Fernandez said they are now preparing for the issuance of notice to the Mintal Galleria because the whole structure is already dilapidated. One of their recommendations was to either demolish the place or for the owner to repair the establishment.

Fernandez said the building is again subject for annual inspection this year.

Aside from the Mintal Gallera, there are already cockpits inspected by the CEO including the ones in Buhangin and Matina, which just recently finished their renovations. Warren Elijah Valdez

Illegal parking

Meanwhile, the Auxiliary Service Unit (ASU) promised to conduct a strict implementation against illegal parking in the streets outside cockpit arenas.

Durng the iSpeak media forum held yesterday, Albert Bermudez, ASU administrative officer, said that it is the responsibility of the cockpit arenas to provide parking space  for their customers.

Bermudez also said that the ASU conducted inspections in cockpits at Buhangin, Mintal and Matina.

Furthermore, he will summon the owners to remind them of their responsibilities not to cause traffic logjam when there’s an event.

The ASU implements demolitions, as well as oversees the drainage and night market. It falls under the umbrella of the Office of the City Mayor.

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