CEAP: Successful schools to play big brother to small schools

THE CATHOLIC Educational Association of the Philippines (CEAP) yesterday launched the Kapatirang Kamagong, which is seen to support smaller schools through a fund-raising campaign held at SMX Convention center.

In a press briefing yesterday, Fr. Joel Tabora, president of CEAP, said that they need to be a stronger organization in order to be able to advance the interests of private catholic schools.

There are around 3,200 delegates registered coming from 1,500 schools in the country.

The Kapatirang Kamagong seeks to support around 900 schools with less than 1,000 student population, and therefore need assistance so they can continue their educational service in the country.

CEAP is the largest private educational association and the most populated organization of coordinating council of private schools of state universities and colleges.

“We believe that this is very important to continue to provide in partnership with the public schools to access into quality education and the basic and higher education level,” Tabora said.

Recently, congress passed Republic Act 10931 or Free Tuition for State Universities and Colleges Act. “This act provides free tuition for those going to Universities and State colleges, state run and technical vocational educational courses RA 10931 are a law that helps public and private institution,” he said.

“Through the tertiary education subsidy and tertiary education loan fund as educational institution throughout the country coming from the CEAP it is our interest through our strong organization to make sure that this law is properly funded,” he added.

They gathered together also to ask legislators properly fund the law that is not only for public schools but also for private institutions.

The theme of the convention is communo-building and sustaining communities of for life.

“In order to strengthen our internal especially as we prepare for the 500th anniversary of Christianity in the Philippines for 2021 we celebrate in CEAP through our renewed appreciation of our Catholic identity,” he said.

They are also commencing formal work for the Philippine Catholic schools standard for higher education.

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