Caring for cats

NON-PROFIT group theKATcloset (TKC) held a special spay and neuter event with hopes to promote the well-being of rescued cats.

About 50 cats were given health services by volunteer doctors for Feline the Heat of Summer 2017 held at Pets First Veterinary Clinic in Cabaguio Avenue last April 23.

Anti-rabies and deworming services were also provided to some cats and kittens.


COMMUNITY nonprofit group theKATcloset (TKC) holds a special spay and neuter event with hopes to promote the well-being of rescued cats

“Since our first successful Happy Meowlidays 2014, TKC events have spayed and neutered around 335 cats (pusang pinoy)! We wouldn’t have been able to do it without the expertise and dedication of our doctors,” said Katrina Carriedo, founder of TKC.

Dr. Bayani Vandenbroeck (Doc Bayani’s Animal Wellness Clinic), Dr. Joanna Mercader and Ms. Cory Diosma (Pets First Veterinary Clinic), Dr. Hyacinth May Pugoy (Paws Palace), and Dr. Eloisa Calub (Davao Veterinary Executives Animal Clinic and Surgery) rendered their services during this recent event.

Carriedo said fixing pets gives owners a peace of mind.


VOLUNTEER doctors from various veterinary clinics render services during the event called Feline the Heat of Summer 2017

Spay/neuter services help keeps cats be resistant to some illnesses and avoid unwanted pregnancies.

Neutering of male cats can also prevent certain undesirable sexual behaviors, such as urine marking, humping, male aggression and the urge to roam.

Carriedo said TKC started out from designing and selling cat shirts to rescue and groom cats for adoption. Since then, TKC grew into a community, linking vets to pet owners.

“Albeit small, it has helped a lot of ‘purrents’ and furry kids to cut down on their animal healthcare cost and to have better wellness for rescued Pusang Pinoys. I am so proud of theKATcloset project and proud to have discovered that there are a lot more cat lovers in Davao City,” said Carriedo.

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