Calinan, Tugbok eyed as food corridor: official

POULTRY producers are proposing to make Calinan and Tugbok as the city’s food corridor, where agribusiness projects have to be prioritized.

 Should these areas become food corridor, lawyer Lalaine dela Victoria, president of Davao Poultry and Egg Producers Inc., said property developers have to set up their new housing projects at least a kilometer from the farms.

 To strengthen the identification of the areas into a food corridor, the city government should come up with the ordinance, she said. At present, she explain, developers have continue to set up their projects near the farms even when they need to distance these projects from the farms.

 The proposal to make the areas as food corridor would also benefit the producers of hog and other agricultural products. “We need to get permission from the city council. Most of the land developers are also looking to make those (properties in these two areas) as residential areas,” dela Victoria said.

 Dela Victoria said the presence of the housing projects, particularly those that failed to abide by the buffer zone provision of the zoning ordinance, prevented them from expanding. “We are not able to establish new production areas as we need to also consider the communities,” she said.

 The poultry farms in Calinan and Tugbok are within the agricultural zone, based on the Zoning Ordinance.

 Early this year, the communities near the farms reported fly infestation and foul odor from the farms.

 Vice Mayor Paolo Duterte said earlier in a news report that they could not simply close or stop the operations of those farms despite the complaints of the nearby communities that reported fly infestation from the farms.

 “We cannot close these poultry farms or stop their businesses. They have been there even before it became a residential area,” Duterte said.

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