Brothers charged for homicide try

THE OFFICE of the City Prosecutor has charged two brothers who were allegedly involved in a stabbing incident on Sept. 10.

Prosecutor Panfilo Junior R. Lovitos found probable cause to indict Belizardo and Bonifacio T. Ares for attempted homicide based on the complaint of Delfin Pasana Casium.

The complainant claimed that on Sept.10, while we was sleeping in his rented room in Iluminada Hacienda Heights at the old airport in Sasa, the two respondents came and knocked at door and challenged him to a fistfight.

Complainant went out of his room and proceeded at the first floor of their boarding house along with respondents. A fistfight then ensued between Casium and respondent Belizardo. Bonifacio came to the aid of his brother and stabbed the victim who was hit on the left arm and shoulder.

Belizardo, for his part, picked up a rock and threw it at the complainant who was able to evade the attack. He then ran away and asked for help from his board mates.

Lovitos stated in his resolution that there is probable cause to indict the respondents for attempted homicide as they ganged up on the complainant with the apparent intent to kill. The brothers are now detained in Sasa Police Precinct.

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