BPI launches new campaignto help customers reach goals

THE COUNTRY’S oldest bank, Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI), has officially launched on Friday its new campaign “Make the best happen,” which is aimed to set a fresh trend in the banking system.

Alan Banico, assistant vice president of BPI Davao, said during the launching ceremony of its new campaign at Seda Abreeza Hotel that the campaign focuses on the goals and needs of their customers to realize their goals.

“We listen to what they are saying,” Banico said, as they could help their clients on addressing their investment goals and have customized financial solutions.

The bank has also developed a microsite makethebesthappen.ph to address some of the goals of most individuals including, travel, health, parenting, shopping, future and dining. Its content is updated a week.

Tricia Quiambao, head of BPI’s strategic brand management, said they conducted thorough research on what are the top topics among individuals. As a result, she said majority focused on travel, dining, shopping, parenting and health.

Its new campaign, Quiambao said, is a different look on banking.

“We put a premium on understanding our clients and their needs, whether it’s to travel, or start a business, or fund their children’s education,” she said, adding that “BPI would like to enable them to accomplish those goals and aspirations better, faster and more efficiently.”

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