Boy, 15, charged for attempting to kill cop  

THE OFFICE of the City Prosecutor found probable cause to indict a 15-year-old boy for trying to kill a policeman at Times Beach, Barangay 76-A on Feb. 1.

In her Feb. 8 resolution, Prosecutor Imee Bisera-Mabale charged the respondent (name withheld for being a minor) for attempted murder.

The case stemmed from the complaint filed by PO1 Daniel Garcia of Compostela Valley Provincial Public Safety Company.

In his affidavit, Garcia claimed that he was at the house of his father-in-law at Times Beach when he went out at around 2:41 a.m. to urinate and saw seven boys, four armed with knives while the rest carrying bottles.

Garcia then asked the group where they were going, but one of the three boys carrying empty bottles approached and attempted to hit him while the others followed and tried to attack him.

Garcia drew his gun and told the group that he’s a cop, but the boys threw rocks at him instead.

One of the boys shot him with an improvised iron dart but missed. Garcia was able to grab him while the rest ran away.

Attached to the complaint was the social case study report (SCSR) from Ariel Aguilar, a social worker of the Davao City Social Services Development Office, stating that the minor acted with discernment, which is legal requirement for a criminal case to proceed.

Bisera-Mabale said the six other suspects will also be subjected to a regular preliminary investigation but tasked Garcia to provide their addresses.

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