Bomb recovered | IED found near foot bridge in Lasang

AN IMPROVISED explosive device (IED) was recovered early yesterday morning by personnel of the Task Force Davao along the national highway near a pedestrian foot bridge in the busy poblacion of Barangay Alejandra Navarro (Lasang), Bunawan District.

Col. Nolasco Mempin, commander of Task Force Davao, told TIMES that they sent a K9 unit after receiving a tip about an unattended baggage found just around 50 meters away from the Lasang Footbridge and 1.2 kilometers away from the TFD checkpoint in Sitio Licanan, at around 6:30 a.m.

The dog sat down beside the cellophane plastic bag in the grassy portion of the road, indicating a positive result. The Explosive Ordnance Division (EOD) team was then dispatched to disarm the bomb.

The EID — revealed to be an improvised hand grenade — was made of PVC pipe, detonating cord, blasting cap and ammonium nitrate fuel oil (fertilizer mixed with diesel fuel).

The EOD immediately rendered safety procedures to recover the said improvised explosive device.

“We have yet to determine the real intent of the IED there,” Mempin said. “But we believe it is not intended for Davao City as they know we have stringent inspections and searches at our checkpoint.”

He said the IED was not left to detonate since it needed to be ignited first before it will explode, like a dynamite.

“These materials are also used for dynamite fishing although NPAs use the same,” Mempin said.

The TFD report said the plastic bag was thrown off the highway, apparently from a vehicle coming from Davao del Norte.

The area where the EID was found is just a few meters away from the Lasang Bridge, the boundary of the city and Panabo City, Davao del Norte.

A minor traffic occurred along the national highway during the recovery of the EID. It was normalized an hour later.

City Mayor Sara Duterte said those responsible could have tested the capability of the TFD in detecting bombs.

Capt. Damaso Enano, the TFD spokesperson, said they have yet to determine who placed the bomb in the area.

The bomb is now in the custody of the TF Davao for proper disposal. It will be safely detonated.