Body parts dumped

-Second chopped up victim found at city landfill

As Police are still facing blank wall on the butchered body of a still unidentified woman found in Buhangin District last July, another chopped up case was revealed on Saturday.

A scavenger found the dismembered body parts at the city landfill in Purok 2, Barangay New Carmen, Tugbok District on Saturday around 12:30 p.m.

Sr. Insp. Ma. Theresita Gaspan, the spokesperson of Davao City Police Office (DCPO), the human body parts — a head, two arms and two legs — were found by a scavenger at the Tugbok landfill.

City Landfill Assistant Operation Officer Maximo Mahinay, 62, called Tugbok Police Precinct on Saturday to inform authorities on the incident.

Investigation conducted shows that on Saturday noon scavenger Jerry Musa, 43, found the decomposing body parts while he was segregating garbage.

He opened a big plastic cellophane when he discovered the body parts.

Police could not yet immediately distinguish if the victim was male or female as the head was already in the advance state of decomposition.

The victim had long hair.

The body parts were immediately brought to Angel Funeral Homes in Calinan for autopsy and DNA examination.

It was the second case reported in the city in just two months.

Last July 30, a garbage collector found the dismembered body parts of a woman inside a garbage bag placed at the garbage bin in front of a pawnshop along the highway of Barangay Cabatian in Buhangin District. Two days later, the remaining body parts were found near the Buhanging Flyover.

The Buhangin case remains unsolved as the victim is still unidentified.

The police chief was transferred to another station last month.