Biz group to reach out to non-members: prexy

THE INCOMING administration of the Davao City Chamber of Commerce and Industry (DCCCI) will be pushing to encourage non-members to take part in their advocacies.

Speaking at the Marco Polo Davao Friday during the induction of the newly-elected officers of the organization, Ronald Go, its newly-inducted president, said that there is a need for the chamber to reach out even to non-members as what affects one business would surely affect another.

President Rodrigo Duterte swore in the officers of the influential business group in the Davao City Chamber of Commerce of Industry, Incorporated.

 Mr. Duterte was the keynote speaker at the 49th Annual Installation rites.

The other officials of the new Chamber are Antonio T. Dela Cruz, Chairman; Sofronio Jucutan, EVP; Fredrick “Dicky” Puyod, VP for Industry; Wifred T. Teves, VP forTrade and Commerce; Teresita Pascual, VP for Agribusiness; Belinda Torres, VP for PSV; Yvonne Cabada, Corporate Secretary; Alvin Pinpin, Corporate Treasurer Bonifacio T. Tan, Trustee; Antonio Ajero, Trustee; Arturo Milan, Trustee; Joan Romero, Trustee; Jennifer Sazon, Trustee; and Ricky Tagabucba, Trustee.

The group and Duterte have maintained mostly friendly ties, even with certain ordinances that were deemed unfriendly to business, such as a slower than average speed limit for vehicles and a requirement of CCTVs for businesses with capital of P3 million and above.

Recalling their group’s friendship with Mr. Duterte, former DCCCII President John Gaisano said that the group always approached the administration of then-Mayor Duterte whenever they needed to clarify certain policies that could affect the sector.

The group, meanwhile, was also among those who rallied for the President to run for the highest elected post in the years leading to last year’s Presidential campaign.

In his speech, President Duterte said that he was trying to emulate the successful partnerships between the city government and the private sector in other local government units.

Among these is his urging other LGUs to emulate the speed of permit releasing in local government offices here.

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