Beware of Talakbu

Police warns public vs road scheme of taho-vending posers

THE POLICE Regional Office (PRO) XI has warned the public, especially motorists, of a modus operandi of unscrupulous individuals who pose as taho vendors in street incidents.

Chief Insp. Milgrace Driz, newly designated PRO XI spokesperson, said the modus operandi, known as Talakbu (Taho, Lako, Bundol), is now rampant.

Perpetrators pretend to be taho vendors and intentionally hit vehicles while crossing the street and demand money for settlement.

Driz said a talakbu incidents are now viral in social media.

The Police Regional Office is currently distributing leaflets on the matter.

The leaflets warn of the modus, advising motorists not to immediately go out of the vehicles if they hit someone.

“Check first the situation before disembarking the vehicle. Immediately call 911 or the nearest police station so immediate relief can be given.”

Police said to offer the victim a ride to the hospital.

Driz said they have not received any such incident in the region.

“But it’s a precaution to the public especially it has been reported in Metro Manila,” Driz said. “Some may replicate it.”

Driz said the “bundol” (intentionally hitting the vehicle) is the new style of “budol- budol.”

Budol-budol is a swindling staged by a gang that convinces the target that bundles of peso bills are inside a bulging bag.