Bato asks Davao cops to be assigned to Caloocan

POLICE Director General Ronald Dela Rosa wants police officers from Davao to be assigned in Caloocan City Police Office.

But in his speech during the Davao leg of the 116th Police Service Anniversary yesterday, Dela Rosa said he is not forcing Davao police officers to be re-assigned in the Metro Manila police office as he is looking for subordinates who want a voluntarily re-assignment.

“I want volunteers so it is in their goodwill to do their job,” the chief of the Philippine National Police later told reporters in a press briefing held at conference room of the Police Regional Office (PRO) XI in Camp Quintin Merecido, Buhangin. “How I wish many will volunteer.”

Dela Rosa said he will not force Davao policemen to be re-assigned to Manila as he also considers that they have family here.

 “I’m very confident that if a Davao police (officer) will be assigned (in Caloocan), he/she will not do any mess,” the police chief said. “I’m very confident that they will recover the lost image of the said police station.”

 He said Davao police officers are generally “performing well.”

 The PNP has relieved all officers and personnel of Caloocan police, numbering at least 1,000, following a series of incidents that put the police force in bad light. These include the alleged robbery in a suspect’s house and the killings of two teenagers – Kian delos Santos and Carl Angelo Arnaiz – in purportedly drug operations.

 Dela Rosa said he is giving time to the police regional office to come up with the list of volunteers.

 The top police officer said he has directed his chief of staff to come up with the list of police officers from various police units in the country who wants to be re-assigned in Caloocan.

 If no police officers will volunteer for a Caloocan re-assignment, the PNP chief said they may be forced to issue an order for transfer.

 Dela Rosa said the selection will be random as those who would be selected are good police officers as there will be a background check before the reassignment.

 But for one thing, the PNP chief said he is not accepting those so-called “ninja cops” for Caloocan post.  Ninja cops are those alleged to be involved in various crimes, including drug trade.

 “It’s very hard if those ninja cops, who are currently assigned in Basilan or Marawi, will be the one to volunteer,” Dela Rosa said. “Our problem will get worse.”

 The relief of the Caloocan police, he said, is to cleanse the image of the police station. The axed officers will undergo re-training and will be re-assigned to other stations.

 Dela Rosa said he believes that only five percent of the relieved Caloocan police officers are “bad,” as he maintains that most of them are actually good cops.

 The general said he is “disheartened” by the Caloocan incident.

 Saying he has no idea why such series of incidents happened in Caloocan, Dela Rosa said “we have to find out (why).”

 The top police general from Davao admitted that the PNP, as an organization, “is not perfect.”

 “We have to admit it (that) sometimes we got wrong,” he said adding that it is impossible to eradicate abuses.

 “But at least, we can boast that during our time we hit the problem head on,” Dela Rosa added.

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