Banana exporters urged to follow int’l standards

CHINESE authorities dumped P1.4 million worth of bananas from exporters here after these failed phytosanitary standards and were found to be excessively laced with pesticides

Senen M. Perlada, director of Export Marketing Bureau, told reporters yesterday at the sidelines of the presentation of Philippine Export Development Plan at Microtel Hotel that at least 35 tons of bananas were destroyed and dumped by the Chinese customs authorities.

“On the other hand, we could not brush it off especially now that the prices of bananas when sold in China are very high as their production this time declined due to frost,” Perlada said.

He said local banana exporters should strictly comply with the standards set by the Chinese government like ensuring that there are no mealy bugs and avoiding the use of too much pesticide.

The local exporters have to also avoid shortcuts and stop directly selling their produce to the foreign buyers without undergoing the proper treatment.

Reports cited that the customs officials at the southern part of Shenzen in China destroyed the bananas imported from the Philippines.

Ferdinand Y. Marañon, president of Philippine Exporters Confederation-Davao, said this “should not cause an alarm” in the banana industry. “It is very insignificant as it only involves two containers,” he said.

“This quantity is too small in terms of the overall Philippines-China trade relations,” Communication Secretary Herminio Coloma Jr. said in a statement, quoting Trade and Industry Secretary Adrian Cristobal Jr.

Coloma assured that the incident will not affect the trade relations between the Philippines and China. “The quantity is not unusual in as far as rejections are concerned in the normal course of business. It is also possible that the shipment was rejected due to levels of pesticides exceeding maximum residue limit,” he said.

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