Family Matters| Back to the good old days

The families today compared to that of yesterday’s are far different. Let this writer reminisce the long gone days. Weekends in Baguio City with this writer’s family were something to look forward to as everybody prepares for a stroll in the park, spread the mat on the grass nearby a shady tree near the lake and lie down to talk, laugh and just lazily talk over anything under the sun.

Sometimes, we just choose a shaded side of a mountain where the children can play and roll down the hill like crazy. We packed our snacks, like homemade breads to make sandwiches the elders and children baked together.
The younger kids run around safely enjoying their own antics. When the sun sets, we prepare to go home relaxed and ready for the next day.

On other special occasions if our schedule would allow a whole day free from work, we all go to Asin Hot spring, a volcanic mountain about 30 minutes ride from home and frolic on the river, swim or sit on rocks with bodies submerged for a relaxing natural spa as we could pick our own steam bath between rocks, as far as the eyes can see.

Almost all the places we loved to go to were free and naturally set by God’s own creation. While enjoying the time, we talked about anything to our hearts content, more jokes, family relationships and secrets.

Then, many of the kids are married and raise their own families and our parents are long gone, with the simple traditions slowly faded away. The siblings still see each other because the old home after almost sixty years from today continue to stand tall and filled with memories. But outings have to be scheduled with so much preparation and planned ahead because almost everybody would be coming from far places.

The love and emotional ties are still there, but the changing time, distance and lifestyles have come in between the simple traditions.

This writer came across a word, ‘ entropic’ family. Catching word in a sense because it means, the loss of sense of ties and closeness because members lose the energy and coherence over a period of time. It is like a strong bond that vaporizes in time as it dissipates. This word entropy at some point applies today, or maybe has not landed the first base because family traditions are not considered important in the first place. Today’s lifestyle contributes a lot to what some families are like. I like the word, ‘ intentional’ family bonding. Meaningful family traditions are useful activities and very valuable for families, especially parents to carry out the responsibility of bringing up children with social values and strong bonds.

Keeping this tradition while the children are still young is helpful to keep the closeness last even when the family naturally and inevitably branches out later in life. It also avoids entropy as it prevents emotional neglect of family’s inner life.

Surely, it promotes family closeness and a sense of security and assurance in today’s fast, changing and uncertain times.

When families today are challenged with the avalanche of too much detractions, many detractors in the environment, very politically opinionated, dividing family peace and many make their own spiritual opinions without love and the world has so much hatred, it is time to go back to promote love and stay connected by embracing family traditions.

Yes, back to the good old ways!

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