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Rough Cuts: Likely city political scenarios in 2019

We would like to share with our readers some revealing, even disturbing observations we have while doing our daily rounds of the city in the performance of our responsibility as journalist.

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Rough Cuts: Congressman Karlo’s next best move

We strongly agree with the proposition of Davao City Councilor Dr. Mary Joselle Villafuerte that as the “Most Child-friendly City in the Country” awardee, “we must do more than just report these incidences of sexual abuse; we must institute protective and preventive measures.”

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Nunot sa Alisngaw sa Kape: Kon naa’y krisis mga ‘eksperto’ manggawas

Niadtong Huwebes sayo ko nga nakapauli sa balay gikan sa akong lakaw. Sanglit mga alas 3 na sa hapon nagpatempla ko ug kape ni Misis bisan init kay mao man ni akong naandan.

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Rough Cuts: Chlorinated water-washed dressed chicken?

Here is an information that we got just yesterday from the so-called horses’ mouths.

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Rough Cuts: Containing the rise of rape cases in Davao

What’s happening to Davao City, ladies and gentlemen of the local government administration?

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Rough Cuts: A city initiative that must succeed

News report: Davao still among top five competitive PH cities. And it’s getting better, or so the same report says.

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Rough Cuts: Are elevators in overpasses rusting?

We have taken this issue up in this column of ours for at least two times already. And we are taking this up again.

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Rough Cuts: ‘Overpopulation’ in public cemeteries

This is one service of the city government which we feel is either taken for granted, or that the person in charge of overseeing its operation does not know its importance to the people of the city.

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Rough Cuts: Why Sara’s not aspiring for a nat’l post… not yet

Now this recent development in Davao City politics is interesting. News reports have it that resigned Vice Mayor Paolo “Pulong” Duterte is considering a run for the first district congressional seat.

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Rough Cuts: Reining in the mining companies

This may be one month late. But we feel we need to bring this thought of ours to the open.

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