Mindanao Times » Niño Calamba http://mindanaotimes.net Wed, 26 Sep 2018 01:17:47 +0000 en-US hourly 1 https://wordpress.org/?v=3.9.25 MOTLEY| Brgy. Talomo Proper celebrates Pasko Fiesta 2016 http://mindanaotimes.net/motley-brgy-talomo-proper-celebrates-pasko-fiesta-2016/ http://mindanaotimes.net/motley-brgy-talomo-proper-celebrates-pasko-fiesta-2016/#comments Wed, 04 Jan 2017 02:40:21 +0000 http://mindanaotimes.net/?p=37543 ]]> BARANGAY Talomo Proper celebrated the city-wide Pasko Fiesta 2016 festivities with lots of events and surprises for its constituents during the holidays. The budget allocated by the city government for the barangay level Pasko Fiesta was a big help for the preparation and implementation of the various activities planned by the barangay officials headed by its Punong Barangay, Engr. Bendor Aparis Calamba


BRGY. Talomo Proper PASKO FIESTA 2016 with the Council Members: Kapitan Calamba and Brgy. Kagawads.

The activities included: Christmas Float Motorcade and Opening Ceremony with the Christmas Lighting rites of the entire Barangay Hall; Inter-Purok Christmas Dance Craze & Caroling Contests; School-based Christmas Dance Craze & Caroling Contest; Barangay Women’s Day; Christmas Zumba Party; Pasko Para Kay Lolo at Lola (Senior Citizens Day); Inter-Purok Beautification & Christmas Decoration Contest; Inter-Office Beautification & Christmas Decoration Contest; and, the culminating activity dubbed as “Denims & Diamonds Christmas Celebration”, which served as the grand Christmas get-together of all barangay staff and functionaries.


CONGRESSMAN Koko Nograles of the PBA Partylist

The culminating activity was also a fitting night for various sectors of the community to be well-represented as it was opened to everyone including those winners from inter-Purok and school-based contests. Congressman Koko Nograles of the PBA Partylist was the guest of honor and speaker of the night. Everyone was overjoyed of the numerous raffle prizes for all, delicious food, and entertainment.


DISTINGUISHED judges with Brgy. Administrator- Prof. Greg Calamba Jr. (far left).

Congratulations to the Barangay Talomo Proper Council for the successful Brgy. Pasko Fiesta celebration! – Punong Brgy. Engr. Bendor Calamba; Kagawad Nonoy Matuguinas; Kagawad Fundador Josol; Kagawad Joel Juegos; Kagawad Atty. Rene Alexis Villarente; Kagawad Larry Lara; Kagawad Rony Quitain; Brgy. Administrator Greg Calamba Jr.; Brgy. Secretary Beth Garcia; and, Brgy. Treasurer Melvin Pilvira.

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MOTLEY| OSYEP 2016 Electronic Daisy Festival http://mindanaotimes.net/motley-osyep-2016-electronic-daisy-festival/ http://mindanaotimes.net/motley-osyep-2016-electronic-daisy-festival/#comments Fri, 30 Dec 2016 02:32:24 +0000 http://mindanaotimes.net/?p=37395 ]]> THE OFFSOURCING Yearend Party was a bang as it showcased an electronic daisy festival for this year’s party theme. Electronic Daisy Festival or electronic daisy carnival (EDC) is one of the biggest type of music festivals in the world, which started in 1990 in Los Angeles and is a very popular electronic music party in Puerto Rico, UK, Mexico, Brazil, Japan, and India.

The flower daisy became a star in this kind of party as ladies used to put on daisy flower crowns over their head while partying on an open ground where EDC originated. Likewise, colors yellow and white were the perfect combo for the night as guests and hundreds of Offsourcing employees wore them while partying to the beat from an international DJ. Mixed drinks and beers were overflowing as mobile bars set themselves all over the sprawling venue that is, The View Davao.


OPENING Salvo with the Offsourcing CEO Johnny Cheng.

Offsourcing is one of the leading call center companies in the country as it boasts of a battery of dedicated personnel for the past 10 years. The OS Yearend Party was also the momentous commemoration of their 10th amazing year in the BPO industry. The party was dubbed with lots of hashtags such as #OSYEP2016, #OSam, and #OSamness.


THE OSYEP 2016 Party People!

Offsourcing leaders and dignitaries were all present to party with their fellow family members in the OS world. Even bigwigs from different Offsourcing clients were present that very night most of whom came from the US. It was indeed a night of fun and excitement as each individual were more than enthusiastic to dance the night away like they always do every yearend to usher the brand new year in the Offsourcing life with prosperity and endless opportunities!


TALENT is real with the Offsourcing dancers.

Photos from Johnnah Lou Bago, Karlo Flores, and Jabar Umpar! Thank you!

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MOTLEY| Villa Cosmetico Essenziale Skin Talk http://mindanaotimes.net/motley-villa-cosmetico-essenziale-skin-talk/ http://mindanaotimes.net/motley-villa-cosmetico-essenziale-skin-talk/#comments Tue, 13 Dec 2016 09:20:28 +0000 http://mindanaotimes.net/?p=36840 ]]> VILLA  Cosmetico Essenziale (VCE) Skin Talk, one of leading beauty and wellness avenue in the city, was blessed on its formal re-opening last November 21, at its location in Mayon Street, Davao City. VCE Skin Talk is a homegrown provider of quality kojic and papaya beauty soaps as well as Skin Talk beauty set. The VCE Skin Talk blessing was the day of official business for the beauty and wellness hub as clients started arriving and experiencing different services such as the facial acupuncture while the dedication and blessing was ceremoniously conducted on the same day.


VCE Facial Services Director Flordeliza C. Paran, VCE Sales Director Ceril Rose H. Ortuoste, Doctor of Accupuncture Yhuan Leecoco, VCE VP Dr. Janeth Y. Pacifico, MD., VCE Product Director Bam T. Petilos, and VCE Marketing Director Erique Mendoza.

The VCE Skin Talk Beauty & Wellness blessing was graced by its owners with their families and friends. Reverend Father Xenon Ampong of the Archdiocese of Davao was the one who blessed the establishment with prayers, scripture readings and reflections. The owners and officers of VCE Skin Talk Beauty and Wellness are: VCE Facial Services Director Flordeliza C. Paran; VCE Sales Director Ceril Rose H. Ortuoste; Doctor of Acupuncture Brother Yhuan Leecoco; VCE Vice-President Dr. Janeth Y. Pacifico, MD.; VCE Product Director Bam T. Petilos; and, VCE Marketing Director Erique Mendoza.


VCE Marketing Director Erique Mendoza, VCE Sales Director Ceril Rose H. Ortuoste, VCE Product Director Bam T. Petilos, VCE Facial Services Director Flordeliza C. Paran, Doctor of Accupuncture Brother Yhuan Leecoco, and VCE VP Dr. Janeth Y. Pacifico, MD.

Villa Cosmetico Esseziale (VCE) Skin Talk Beauty and Wellness offers an array of facial services including diamond peeling and the like. They also offer galvanic facial spa which helps in removing fine lines and wrinkles on the face. But, the facial acupuncture is the best service to try at this Davao’s own beauty and wellness center and quality beauty products and services provider. They also offer special facial packages, such as: Skin Talk Relaxing Facial Package; Skin Talk Anti-Acne Facial Package; and, Skin Talk Diamond Peel Facial Package.


VILLA Cosmetico Essenziale (VCE) Skin Talk products.

To experience VCE Skin Talk, visit them at Mayon Street, Davao City! Thanks Ms. Ceril Rose Ortuoste for the infos and some photos!

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Christmas mini-vacay in the Alice log house http://mindanaotimes.net/christmas-mini-vacay-in-the-alice-log-house/ http://mindanaotimes.net/christmas-mini-vacay-in-the-alice-log-house/#comments Fri, 25 Nov 2016 02:42:39 +0000 http://mindanaotimes.net/?p=36096 ]]> SOMETIMES, the best place to relax and chill for a day is just within the boundary of the city. Alice Log House located along the Buda highway is a perfect haven for family and barkada getaway. The place offers exclusive renting for groups where the entire log cabin and its amenities can be enjoyed exclusively including an amazing view of the Arakan Valley.


ALICE Log House view from the highway.

Alice Log House is only 75 kilometers away from the downtown of Davao City, in Bagong Silang, Baganihan, Marilog. While Alice Log House’s exterior shows a homey abode with colorful flowers surrounding its front ground, its interiors are a combination of a laid back furniture design filled with lots of games like billiard, darts, and board games in its playroom. Every group of people who stay at the Alice Log House always feel at home and tend to think of themselves as the first-users of the picturesque log house on top of the valley.

At night time when temperature starts to drop at its coldest, renters are ushered to the comforts of their relaxing lazy boys and lounge bed while enjoying unlimited movie marathon, or karaoke, or just by listening to the sound of nature during nighttime at the peak. It is an ideal Christmas mini-vacation away from the confines of city life and stresses of work and polluted environment.


CHRISTMAS decorations inside the log house.

During the day, the best thing to do is go to EPOL waterfalls which is only 30 minutes walking distance from Alice Log House. An unforgettable dip at the “Everlasting Presence Of Love” falls, will make one fall in love with the place. But, certain precautions must be taken into consideration while trekking downslope towards the falls from the road due to its slippery pathway.

Alice Log House only accepts advance booking for date reservations, however, in few months after the Christmas season, they may open a motorist’s restaurant beside the log house, where passerby vehicles and their travelers can have a cozy and chillaxing stopover. To book your reservation at the Alice Log House, you may call Jen at +63 943 448 4157.

Merry Christmas!

P.S. Thanks Madam Alice and Jen Lique for the warm accommodation. Thanks also Johnnah Lou Bago for the photos!

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MOTLEY| An Infinity logo marked RDL Philippines’ tie with Pt. Amosys Indonesia http://mindanaotimes.net/motley-an-infinity-logo-marked-rdl-philippines-tie-with-pt-amosys-indonesia/ http://mindanaotimes.net/motley-an-infinity-logo-marked-rdl-philippines-tie-with-pt-amosys-indonesia/#comments Fri, 14 Oct 2016 03:19:46 +0000 http://mindanaotimes.net/?p=34625 ]]> AN INFINITY logo was created to formally galvanize the business partnership between RDL Pharmaceutical Laboratory, Inc., a proudly Davao, Philippines original company and Pt. Amosys Indonesia, a leading industrial company from the capital city of Jakarta last month. The infinity symbol of partnership was launched during the formal and official contract signing on Partnership-in-Business between RDL and Pt. Amosys held last September 24 at the D’ Leonor Inland Resort grand ballroom.


THE INFINITY logo that marked the union in business of Davao’s very own RDL Pharmaceuticals, Inc. with Pt. Amosys Indonesia with its leaders.

On the 21st year of RDL Pharmaceutical Laboratory, Inc., the company has continued to make sure that the beauty products they deliver are accompanied with sense of customer service, excellence, and innovation. On the other hand, Pt. Amosys Indonesia envisions a growth in sales by channeling expansion covering all of Indonesia. Pt. Amosys Indonesia also made it a mission to reach intensified national distribution of beauty products by its wholesalers or master dealers, dealers and retailers both in traditional and modern channels with full coverage Indonesia-wide, thereby, giving their customers an integrated buying experiences.


PT. AMOSYS Indonesia CEO Kawiro Susilo giving his inspirational speech with the infinity logo at the background.

Desirya, Pt. Amosys Indonesia Sales Director said: “One-third of global beauty revenues by 2019 (in Indonesia) will come from skin care (industry), compared to 23 percent between 2009 and 2014.” “In fact, Indonesia is expected to enter the top 10 global skin care markets in the same time frame”, she added. Therefore, RDL and Pt. Amosys Indonesia can become great partners for a gargantuan leap in the commitment of producing and supplying high quality, safe, and innovative skin care products to their valued customers not just in the Philippines, but now all over Indonesia too.

The contract signing on partnership-in-business between RDL and Pt. Amosys Indonesia was made more special with the presence of RDL top management: President & CEO Leonora D. Lim; COO & EVP Robert D. Lim; VP for Operations Mercedita D. Lim; and VP for Administration Alexander D. Lim. Pt. Amosys Indonesia was represented by its CEO Kawiro Susilo, Finance Director Andre Susilo, and Sales Director Desirya. A luncheon fellowship culminated the formal event which was made lively with entertainments from cultural dancers and brilliant Davaoeño singers.

Thanks to Almarie Joy Umbay and Charlie Reyes for the photos.

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MOTLEY| RDL Kojic soap and lotion grand launching http://mindanaotimes.net/motley-rdl-kojic-soap-and-lotion-grand-launching/ http://mindanaotimes.net/motley-rdl-kojic-soap-and-lotion-grand-launching/#comments Sun, 28 Aug 2016 03:24:37 +0000 http://mindanaotimes.net/?p=32606 ]]> THE G- Mall atrium teemed with the color orange last August 5 as the RDL Pharmaceutical Laboratory, Inc., a hundred percent Filipino owned corporation, launched its newest product – The RDL KOJIC Soap and Lotion. Orange being the staple color of RDL’s well-known papaya soap and most of its products, became an inspiration for the rest of the spectators to wear on that day while participating in various activities of the grand launching.

Free registration, free skin consultation, and soap and lotion sampling were among the activities when the exhibit opened while games and surprises were at stake for them to try all around the area. A program headlined by RDL’s KOJIC product endorser, Ms. Yen Santos, a Star Magic artist, entertained people from all walks of life including dances and performances from Davao home-grown talents.


YEN Santos with RDL staff from IT, Research & Development, and Sales & Marketing.

Capping the entire grand launching activity was a well-participated Free Zumba Fitness Party. Dance and fitness enthusiasts were in neon orange attire as they gyrated their way to awesome beauty, fitness, and grace.

RDL KOJIC Soap and Lotion has its active ingredients of kojic acid, papaya extract, orange extract, and AHA, which will help in the desired beauty and glow of the skin. At a very affordable price, RDL Kojic Soap and Lotion, aims at fulfilling its tag line: “Unleash Your Beauty, Be Confidently You!”

RDL thanks its partners for the grand launching activity: Gaisano Mall of Davao; Japanese Tunnel; EMARS Inn and Beach Resort; D’ Leonor Hotel; D’ Leonor Inland Resort and Adventure Park; Jaz Up Dancers; Wilbert Rosalyn; Regee Ledesma Alleda; Ms. Yen Santos; RDL Marketing Staff led by Ms. Almarie Joy Umbay, Marketing Supervisor; RDL Sales Staff led by Ms. Michelle Tarroza; One Stop Video Marketing; Infinity Lights & Sounds; Innovative Events & Exhibition Phils., Inc.; and, Mr. Anthony John Modequillo – Stage Director & RDL Sales and Marketing Manager.

            P.S. Thank you Madam Leonora Lim; Madam Mercedita Lim; Sir John Anthony Modequillo; and, Ms. Almarie Joy Umbay!

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MOTLEY| Let’s Dance for Life! http://mindanaotimes.net/motley-lets-dance-for-life/ http://mindanaotimes.net/motley-lets-dance-for-life/#comments Tue, 12 Jul 2016 02:49:53 +0000 http://mindanaotimes.net/?p=30436 ]]> “LET LIGHT shine bright on someone else’s life,” this statement rang loud last Saturday at the UM Embassy Gymnasium as the Cancer Warriors Foundation, Inc. – Parents Fellowship Mindanao in cooperation with the Mary Immaculate Health & Educational Family (MIHEF) and the University of Mindanao Community Extension Office organized a fund-raising activity for the benefit of the cancer warrior children of the CWF-Parents Fellowship Mindanao.

The charity activity started with a formal program recognizing the cancer warrior kids who were able to finish their medications successfully and became official cancer survivors. Parents and loved ones of cancer warrior kids were present to give their support for their children during the activity, which was likewise spearheaded by CWF-PFM President, Mr. Roland “Jappy” Fernandez.


THE ZUMBA Party people, some in their cute children’s party attire

LET’S DANCE FOR LIFE! A Zumba Fitness Party for a Cause was attended by numerous dance and fitness enthusiasts from different sectors as well as families and friends of CWF-PFM. Zumba groups such as Zumbazztic Divaz, The Sensibles, Tres Marias, DAUF Ladies, Gulf View Zumba Fitness, and NCCC Zumba Group were in full force to show their wholehearted support for the fundraiser.


CUTE Zumba fanatics in their lovely children’s party attire

Lead Zumba Instructors ZIN Niño Calamba and ZIN Johnnah Lou Bago were joined by volunteer guest Zins in providing happy and spirit-filled Zumba Party, namely: Floramae Lumba, Jenny Pendon, Hiedy Vina, Joy Olimba, Ram Carbonilla, Ann Castro, Nizey Mercado, Ramel Awe, and Eva Albanez. Moreover, the infectious smiles and energy from the Zumba partyphiles made the dance fitness party more meaningful and fun-filled.


(L-R) PROF. Espie Chinel Aparis, Niño Calamba, cancer warrior kid Heaven Fernandez, and Jappy Fernandez

The Cancer Warriors Foundation, Inc.-Parents Fellowship Mindanao and Mary Immaculate Health & Educational Family (MIHEF) express thanks to the following: The University of Mindanao; UM Community Extension Office; Congressman Karlo Nograles; Mindanao Times; UMAEA; Councilor Joanne Bonguyan, Madam Nieves Puyod; RDL Pharmaceutical Laboratories, Inc.; The Generics Pharmacy – Engr. Lynda Tabije; Atty. Butch Jocom; Engr. Cary Beatisula; Staff of the Office of Barangay Kagawad Bendor Calamba; Madam Susan Seng; Mommy Linda Lu; Madam Mary Ann Kimpo; Ms. Carol Siladan; and, UM Fitness & Wellness Centre.

PHOTOS by Joffer Aparis.

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MOTLEY| NANAY NERY’S 67th SPECIAL BIRTHDAY PARTY http://mindanaotimes.net/motley-nanay-nerys-67th-special-birthday-party/ http://mindanaotimes.net/motley-nanay-nerys-67th-special-birthday-party/#comments Sun, 26 Jun 2016 07:52:19 +0000 http://mindanaotimes.net/?p=29704 ]]> THE LOVE of some children for their mother may be  measurable but the love of all mothers for their children is beyond compare. Most children all over the world really make an extra effort to make their moms feel special, especially on their birthday.

I was moved when my good friend and colleague from UMFWC, Lotlot Amora, now Ma. Luz Newman, based in Virginia USA, requested me to grace the special birthday party that she and her sisters prepared for their mom’s 67th natal day.


NANAY Nery with sons-in-law.

She intentionally flew back to Philippines with her husband and daughter for barely two weeks just to celebrate her mom’s birthday and spend a few precious loving times with Nanay Nery. Hence, I unabashedly said yes to her invitation, being a mama’s boy myself.

Nanay Nery is a “Nanay” to all, from her kids, to sons-in-law, grandchildren, nephews and nieces, younger cousins, to even relatives and friends.

Why so? because she is so caring to everybody that they always feel Nanay Nery as their own mother too. She never treats anybody a stranger even on first meeting, and I was a living witness to this instant kindness.

Even if I am friend to her daughter Lotlot for quiet sometime already but I haven’t had the chance to see her personally in their abode in Tibungco, Davao City, which I haven’t had the luxury of visiting during our college years.

But the moment, I spoke as impromptu master of ceremony for her birthday party, she never failed to ask who I was. Upon knowing my name, she directly approached me and said words of thanks and acknowledged that she knew me as she had seen me in the photo albums of Lotlot. It was indeed a touching encounter.

The 67th special birthday party of Nanay Nery was a gathering full of love and care expressed for a mother, which was completed by a laughter-filled showcase from Digos Good Vibes.

Birthday messages for Nanay Nery filled the atmosphere as each one in the venue greeted her, headlined by Lotlot’s loving husband, Mr. Ron Newman. But the surprise presentation from her grandchildren Raven and daughter Lotlot was the most memorable part of the celebration, wherein Lotlot belted out her mom’s favorite “Kinsa Siya?” which Lotlot often sings in amateur singing contests in her younger years with her mom in tow.

Nanay Nery’s 67th Special Birthday Party was a perfect gift for a loving mother!

We share photos by Johnnah Lou Bago.

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MOTLEY| Bioskin Summer Neon Night Party http://mindanaotimes.net/motley-bioskin-summer-neon-night-party/ http://mindanaotimes.net/motley-bioskin-summer-neon-night-party/#comments Tue, 14 Jun 2016 05:21:07 +0000 http://mindanaotimes.net/?p=29025 ]]> THE BIOSKIN Group of Companies had a colorful Neon Beach Party for Summer 2016, which was dedicated to its indefatigable and loyal staff. Likewise, close friends and supporters of Bioskin were present at the party as the main lady behind Bioskin CEO Maria Victoria Evangelista, was having her advance birthday bash at that same night as well the launching of their new baby in Bioskin Group of Companies, the JETT (Juan Events Travel & Tours).

Photos from Dexterity.


Bioskin family arrived at the beachfront of Mergrande Ocean Resort in colorful neon get-up as they participated in fun-filled fellowship games and activities facilitated by Dowie Kristian Gordo, Bioskin Research and Development Manager. It was a delightful sight as laughter and camaraderie filled the atmosphere with the awesome games.


The night time party capped the entire celebration as splendid neon buffet set was prepared for the grand dinner. Bioskin’s main man COO Gerardo Evangalista gave a heart-warming speech thanking the people who have helped Bioskin become a top ranking company in the region. An unforgettable program was presented during the night which included a world-class fire dancing, performance from Bioskin staff, and of course, the neon night foam party!

The Bioskin Neon Summer Night Party was a party to remember! Kudos to its battery of efficient and dedicated men and women!

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MOTLEY| Baharat Kabsa in Bora http://mindanaotimes.net/motley-baharat-kabsa-in-bora/ http://mindanaotimes.net/motley-baharat-kabsa-in-bora/#comments Sun, 12 Jun 2016 03:13:40 +0000 http://mindanaotimes.net/?p=28973 ]]> WHEN in Boracay, awesome and memorable gustatory satisfaction is a must, along with  the sand, sun, and “vitamin” sea.

Different kinds of cuisine are readily available in this internationally-acclaimed island destination, which is proudly a Filipino tourism pride. However, authentic Arabian cuisine was limited in this side of town considering the lack of turnout of Middle Eastern tourists coming to see the powdery white sand of Boracay annually.

Photos by Johnnah Lou Bago.


THE BAHARAT Kabsa Steakhouse in Boracay.

But Arabian tourists, who were used to traveling to Thailand rather than the Philippines, began to discover Boracay and have regularly been coming over in big numbers now. Hence, the need to offer meals ideal for their own tastebuds.

Arabian tourists usually don’t like exploring different kinds of foods even while in a different country, preferring their own cuisine.

It is but fortunate that a lovely couple from Davao City, Ali and Mary Ann, who owns the Mideast Mediterranean Cuisine and Restobar in Davao City, opened the Baharat Kabsa Steakhouse in D’ Mall, Boracay Island.

Sir Ali, who is from Saudi Arabia, is a Filipino by heart as he was married to Madam Mary Ann for several years already, with successful and responsible offspring to boot.

The Baharat Kabsa Steakhouse is the only Arabian restaurant in Boracay who offers authentic and originally-prepared Pita Bread, as Elisa the chief cook, was trained from an International Hotel in Kuwait for more than 10 years.

Kabsa is also one of the best foods offered in Baharat most especially their Goat Kabsa. A Molokhia soup, made of blended “saluyot” vegetable, is also the best detoxifying soup in their menu, which is best taken after enjoying a Pita bread with Hummus (blended white beans) as an appetizer. For westerners, this restaurant also offers steak combos.

The Baharat Kabsa Steakhouse is teeming with other tourists like South Koreans, Americans, Europeans, and even Filipinos every mealtime.

So when you have a chance to be in Boracay, visit Baharat Kabsa Steakhouse, located at D’ Mall, just three stalls awayfrom the main entrance. See you there!

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