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“Loreto’s life story may not be one that is award-winning but his life has become a model to his family and for the lives he has touched.”

Almost three years had passed and I didn’t expect that until today I continued to be of help and a part of others’ lives despite the passing of time in a new environment where I am now spending my twilight years.

My routine early morning drive for Jin Lorenz to Ateneo from Monday to Friday was a bit different on that Thursday morning last week. It’s quite a shocking experience yet surprising. I didn’t expect it to happen that even in the words of a security guard in our subdivision that witnessed the incident: “Sir, you saved the life of an angel!”

Let me narrate how it happened.

While waiting in the car for Jin Lorenz in front of our gate, I noticed from the rear left mirror a young pregnant woman approaching few meters away while holding on to her belly, and in pain as shown in her face.

When she reached my car, she stopped and begged me to bring her to the hospital. “Sir, manganganak na po ako!”

Without much ado, I told her to get in the car and started the engine expecting for the worse to happen if I will ignore her plea.

When we passed the guardhouse which is just a few meters away from my house, I instructed the guard to inform Jin Lorenz to wait for me while I bring the pregnant woman to the SPMC.

On the way to the hospital, the woman who was lying at the backseat in panic, told me: “Sir, sir, lalabas na po ang bata!”

Knowing how to deal on the situation, being a former member of the Knighthawk, a rescue team founded by businessman Jason Huang with the Shanghai Boys which assists the government in emergency cases, I told the girl to calm down and with a smile I said:

“Inday, relaks lang, huwag mag panic. Tawa ka lang sa mga sasabihin ko sa iyo. Hold muna, huwag palabasin na para kang nasa CR lang.” Hehe.

While rushing her to the SPMC, I learned that her name is Rachell. She didn’t know where her husband then as well as their three other children.

Rachell arrived in the city a night before and stayed with her Lumad mother in our subdivision where the latter is a kasambahay to a fellow homeowner, Alma Suazo, an executive of Anflocor who unfortunately was not in the house at the time.

When we reached the emergency entrance of SPMC after almost 10-minute drive from our place in Mamay, she was immediately assisted by hospital personnel. At that time, dark fluid was already seen oozing across her feet.

She took a last glance of me while already on the stretcher. And even in pain and in a low voice, she said in front of many people around: “Sir, sir, salamat kaayo!”

A hospital attendant asked me: “Sir, kaano-ano n’yo ang pasyente?”

“Hindi ko siya kilala, tinulungan ko lang,” I answered.

I left the scene when I already convinced myself that mother and child were already safe.

And I drove back home to Mamay to fetch my son. Along the way, I told myself: “Loreto, nakatulong ka na naman sa ibang tao despite of your age.”

At the gate entrance, the guard informed me that the mother of Rachell is now on the way to the hospital. Then, he executed a salute and said: “Sir, you just saved a life of an angel!”

Jin Lorenz was already waiting outside of the house when I arrived wondering where I came from – not knowing that his dad had just again done a humanitarian act to his fellowmen.

An hour later, I received this text messages from Rachell, saying:

“Hi sir..ako diay tung gitabangan nimu ganeha, tung nanganak. Salaaaaaamat kayo sir ha? Salamat gyud kaayo.”

It’s a bouncing baby boy, Rachell said and she named him “Innova” because that was the first time she rode a car with an stranger on the way to the hospital.

In the evening, Rachell’s mother, Elizabeth went personally in the house to thank me.

In the past, I always asked Him: “Lord, why do you let me live all these years when all my parents and siblings, including my wife, have already gone. Pagod na ako. I got no answer from Him.

Now, I know the answer. He may be let me stay for a few more years on this earth because there might be more like poor Rachelll and the “angel” that will still seek my help!

(Call 09156987421 or 2952034 for comments)

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Timesman: Memorable moment in the life of a lolo http://mindanaotimes.net/timesman-memorable-moment-in-the-life-of-a-lolo/ http://mindanaotimes.net/timesman-memorable-moment-in-the-life-of-a-lolo/#comments Thu, 23 Aug 2018 16:00:55 +0000 http://mindanaotimes.net/?p=61320 Read more ›]]> The months of July and August were good to me, although I consider every moment in my life now that I am in my twilight years very happy since we transferred to a new high-end residence in Lanang more than a year ago.

But what made July and August of this year more memorable is that my only daughter Tala based in Chicago, Illinois and namesake Jeckjeck from Vancouver, Canada spent their summer vacation in the house. Tala was with boyfriend of five years Nathan from July 12 to 21, and Jeckjeck, a registered nurse, came with daughters Tatianna and Ishiko who are both studying in grade school, on August 12 to 21.

The last time my daughter visited me was two years ago during my diamond year celebration on Jan. 17, 2016, while my namesake son never visited me for the last four years since the death of their mom on Nov. 9, 2014 because of the nature of his job as a nurse and as part time front-guitarist of his own band in Vancouver.

Although we have constant communication in the past years through the wonders of modern technology, seeing them is much, much more important to me as it suddenly erased the worries of their being far away in foreign countries, and the feeling of longing for the loved ones you haven’t seen for years is forgotten once you come face to face with them.

We already wrote in this corner Tala’s enjoyable vacation here a few issues ago. This time I will write about the short-lived but most hard-to-forget encounter with my two young British-Canadian granddaughters from Jeckjeck’s family.

Lolos and Lolas will surely agree with me that the attention they, as parents then, had shown to their children during their growing up years do not match the attention they give to the apos.

Grandparents, especially those who have the means, usually pamper their apos with loving care and material things. This could be because parents devoted most of their time looking for a living and cannot always be in the company of their children.

Now, as retirees and having saved enough, many grandparents have all the time with their apos and can give the young ones anything that money can buy.

Although Tatianna and Ishiko were born in UK and Canada and are citizens of the countries, respectively, they are only living with their Filipino parents and never experienced being in the company of a Lolo and a Lola, on the mother side, who are both here in the city.

And when the time came that they met their Lolo and Lola for the first time (me, the second time around, as I saw them when they were yet being bottle-fed), they experienced a new feeling of relationship.

As what dad Jeckjeck told them while we were taking breakfast prepared by me in the house, “Children, you will really miss Lolo back home (Canada) because this is the first time that both of you were personally being served with glasses of milk by no less than your Lolo here.”

The last 15-day trip of Tatianna and Ishiko in the country (nine days with us in the city and six days in Manila) were already reported in this corner in my Monday column when they wrote about their observation on what they saw and felt upon their arrival in Manila and Davao City.

Both kids also wrote about their love and affection to me in that article that even earned me an innocent gesture from them when they wrote: “Best Lolo Ever” in a piece of paper.

They both promised to return to the country “soon.”


I would say the recent visit of my son had also finally ended the long years of feud existing between him and Tala, as well as eldest son Jojo and me which I considered a mere misunderstanding due to a communication gap.

And is there any family in this world that never had such a problem among members?

We kissed and hugged on the night of his and his kids’ departure back home with a personal invitation from my son to see them in Vancouver, Canada next summer which I answered: “Hopefully, I can make it.”

Happy weekend!

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Timesman: Through the eyes of the kids http://mindanaotimes.net/timesman-through-the-eyes-of-the-kids/ http://mindanaotimes.net/timesman-through-the-eyes-of-the-kids/#comments Sun, 19 Aug 2018 16:00:22 +0000 http://mindanaotimes.net/?p=61208 Read more ›]]> No one will argue with me that kind words coming from a child are more believable than those from any adult, many of whom cannot be relied on.

What will be your reaction if a child tells you about his or affection to you even if the two of you had just met?

Of course you will be proud of yourself and let the whole world know that kind words of the innocents are more than anything else and have to be treasured and kept for the rest of your life!
My namesake son “Jeckjeck” (Loreto Jr.), a registered nurse in Vancouver, brought with him my Canadian-British grandchildren Tatianna, 11, and Ishiko, 8 when he came to visit us the first time after the death of his mother Virgie in 2014.

“Jeckjeck” spent his spare time playing in a band front-acting for local artists like Sarah Geronimo, Bamboo, Aegis, Kamikaze, Jed Madela, Eraserheads and others every time they have concerts in Canada. My son has for a hobby being a lead guitarist in Canada.

He has his small business in Makati and Taguig while planning to expand it here in the city.

Now on the eighth day of their planned 15-day visit to this country (four days were already spent in Manila), here are some of my two grandaughters’ observations on what they saw and felt upon landing at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport in Pasay City and upon meeting their “Lolo” and “Tito” Jin Lorenz in our new house at Damosa Fairlane subdivision in Lanang where they are staying.

Tatianna, a cute fifth grader from Saint James Catholic School in Vancouver reports:

“Since my flight to the Philippines I have been learning so much about this country.

“For example, I learned that the ‘Sampaguita’ is the national flower (that adorned the garage of “Lolo”) and that “Durian” is the national fruit. I don’t like the smell of “Durian.”

“The people around me are almost always smiling and the weather is very hot but unlike my home in Canada, my Lolo’s house has an aircon in every room (four of them) besides the bathrooms.

“I really hope that I can come back next year during the summer!”

Tatianna and Isihiko have chosen me as the “Best Lolo Ever” and “tied with (late) Edgardo Amper (her Lolo on mother’s side) as they continued:

“Mr. Timesman even has the mug to prove it (with printed words ‘Best Dad Ever’). He got it during his trip (with Ate Tala, Nathan and Tito Jin Lorenz) to Pearl Farm Resort, He wrote the trip in July 18 in his column in the Mindanao Times.”

Ishiko, a shy-type 3rd grader also of the same school observes:
“My summer in the Philippines was so far is going great! I have ridden a tricycle (for the first time), taxis and Lolo’s car.

“We first landed in Manila where we met for the first time, Addie. She is my cousin and my age. Her sister Ate Freja, brother Kuya Chad, and mom, Tita Anne.

“My summer in the Philippines was so nice to us. In Manila, it’s always raining. But in Davao, the sun is always shining. Lolo and Tito Jin Lorenz picked us up from the airport.

“Lolo’s house is beautiful with new renovations he’s been doing. It now has two kitchens, bar (and videoke), a granite island (table), and a partition between the dining table and living room. Instead of cooking, Lolo takes us out for meals.

“In Jollibee, we got a discount of 20% off because Lolo’s a senior citizen. We even got served right away!”

Ishiko made noticed of the TIMES caricature of President Duterte of the August 10 issue wherein she made comment on the way the artist drew the face of the President. The Timesman decided not to print here Ishiko’s comment for it’s not worth reading, especially to the President.

“I think that Lolo is nice and funny. He’s honest, helpful, huggable, and sweet. I hope we can come back (in the Philippines) soon.

“I feel just the same about Lolo, he’s top. He is every bit of those words that Isiko said,” Tatianna said.

Happy Kadayawan to all!

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Timesman | ‘New heaven’ http://mindanaotimes.net/timesman-new-heaven/ http://mindanaotimes.net/timesman-new-heaven/#comments Wed, 25 Jul 2018 02:59:17 +0000 http://mindanaotimes.net/?p=60584 ]]> FINALLY, I am now enjoying my well-deserved rest since I started doing some interior renovation of our new place at Damosa Fairlane first month of this year. With a little more retouching, in a few days it will be finished.

I see to it that all spaces of the 151-square-meter lot at the high-end subdivision of Anflocor will be utilized including the fire wall at the back that is the perimeter to the adjacent house.

The garage at the left wing has also a new look where a mini bar counter is and where I can unwind and practice my vocal cords. The lanai at the right side of the unit remain untouched.

It has a secondary kitchen with appliances designed for modern cooking and washing, and an island table and console divider separating the receiving room from the dining table that conforms to Tala’s desire that it should be different from the rest in the village without changing the developer’s landscaping outside.

An open terrace where one can climb on steel stairs from the inside to reach it is also done. A secret passage just in case a collector is approaching.

I am not thinking of how much I spent for the renovation. Maloloko lang ako. But for sure it’s worth the money and effort I shared.

Actually, the house is owned by my only daughter Tala who is based in the United States and invested her hard-earned money to this project through my initiative and contribution from my little savings.

She said that we, Jin Lorenz and I can do anything we want in our ‘new heaven’ and the car since she has no plan of coming home for good yet not after 25 or 30 years from now.

Tala is still single at 43 and has no plans of having her own family since according to her, she already has a family at present with Jin Lorenz and I. She wanted me to enjoy my remaining years on this earth and Jin Lorenz to reach his goal.

Tala’s 12-day ‘balikbayan’ visit with American boyfriend Nathan of five years was also for the blessing of her new house and a sort of reunion with old classmates from UM and PWC, held simultaneously on July 12 at the Continental Club House of the village.

My Phil-Am daughter and Nathan left for the US on July 21 with the assurance of returning back again two years from now.

Nathan said he was impressed by the natural beauty of the city, its resorts particularly the Pearl Farm Resort, the hospitality of the Filipinos, the cheap food and affordable entertainment night life, especially the peace and order. Except for Palos Verdes Golf Club which seems to be expensive. Yet, he said, he might bring his parents here soon, and retire in the city.

Tala said they may return to Davao two years from now because she is expecting us to be in the US next summer.

The house was blessed by Fr. Pete Lamata of Saint Francis de Assissi in Maa.

After I noticed Fr. Lamata was having a problem in walking, I begged him not to climb the stairs to the second floor anymore. He just laughed and proceeded with his blessing.

I was told later by his two ‘alalays’: “Sir, pinilit ni Father ang sarili para daw hindi siya mapahiya kay Timesman!” Bless you for that, Fr. Lamata!

Now I am ready to see my eye doctor Raul Tolentino Jr. for my long overdue eye-laser and intern doctor Jessie Orcasitas for an executive checkup my daughter insisted that I do before the month ends. I will, Tala.


Again, my tokayo Loreto, Jr, also a nurse from Canada is arriving first week of August together with two young daughters -Tatianna and Ishiko for a two-week stay in the house.

Tatianna is a British-English speaking national while Ishiko is Canadian born. Mapapalaban na naman ang English ko sa dalawa for sure!

But since the house is almost finished for their arrival, unlike when Tala and Nathan had to endure the noise and dust due to continued interior designing during their 12-day stay, I am sure there will be not much stress on my part.

Except maybe when my two granddaughters will be joined by my two other grandchildren – JJ and Jacob, both also with American slang when at the Jollibee or McDo, then maybe, it’s time for me to worry again and bring along with me an English dictionary to catch up with the kids. Kawawa naman si lolo!

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Timesman | ‘Best dad ever’ http://mindanaotimes.net/timesman-best-dad-ever/ http://mindanaotimes.net/timesman-best-dad-ever/#comments Wed, 18 Jul 2018 01:19:05 +0000 http://mindanaotimes.net/?p=60341 ]]> OUR 24-hour stay with Pearl Farm Beach Resort in the Island Garden City of Samal (Igacos) during the weekend would not be made possible if not for the invitation of my US-based daughter Tala and longtime boyfriend Nathan Hilgendorf who are on vacation for the housewarming of our new residence at Damosa Fairlane and her reunion with former classmates from PWC and UM.
Of course with just mere mention of Pearl Farm, recognized by the ASEAN in 2016 as one of the top 10 hotels in the Philippines and one of the five ‘five-star’ resorts in the country that operates with environment-friendly practices, one may say “Wow, Loreto might be somebody by now because many people that patronize the world-renowned resort are mostly dollar-earners from abroad.”
You may be correct there, but I am not. I am the same banana you know 58 years ago.
Here are some insights of Tala, Nathan, and Jin Lorenz of their first trip to Pearl Farm.
Tala: We enjoyed every minute at Pearl Farm, one of the most beautiful resorts I have ever stayed. Pearl Farm is a hidden paradise, perfect for couples and families. The beach between the Parola bar and the Samal Suite 6 where we stayed is fantastic. Best place to relax, unwind and enjoy the money you work for. It’s all worth it! Mostly everything, the resort is amazingly gorgeous the staffs are very accommodating, everybody is polite and food was superb and there were lots of choices, well-maintained facilities and amenities. If you want to escape the city life, this is the best place to stay!
Nathan: My experience at Pearl Farm Resort was great. It was my first time to ride the banana boat and use the paddle board. The food was very good as well as the shared amenities. You can even snorkel just off the shore of the resort, that’s how beautiful the place is. We also had a massage at the spa, which was the first time for “Papa” Loreto. Next time I return to the Philippines I would enjoy going back to Pearl Farm Resort.
Jin Lorenz: If I will be asked to rate the Pearl Farm Beach Resort, I will give it a perfect score of 10 in a range of from 1 to 10.
For me, our short visit to the beach resort owned by Anflocor would be 99% memorable if not for an incident. While we were at the 150-foot deep water between the resort and Malipano Island, the boat’s engine failed to start. The four of us and two other bankeros of RC Hobby Shop and and Aquasports, the company that services Pearl Farm’s water activities, had to wait for an hour for rescue.
We had to cancel our underwater diving to coral and Taclobo sites to avoid getting more trouble then.
If not for the presence of mind of this writer and his reliable ‘vintage’ 15-year-old cell phone that was used in calling the attention of the people in the island, the incident that started only as a minor one could have become tragic to all of us, God forbid!
Anyway, we still brought the incident to the attention of the management of the resort and our complaint was immediately acted upon by the resort OIC Aldrin Cepe and sales manager Argelyn Lim.
The two Pearl Farm Beach Resort officers even made sure that the remaining 20 hours of our stay in the island will still be something to be remembered. Thank you, Aldrin and pretty Argelyn.
The business resort even gifted me a coffee mug printed with “Best dad ever.”
As a reminder to RC Bobby Shop and Aquasports, do not operate your business without having two-way radios for emergency, in case an unfortunate incident happens.
Take note: Call 09156987421 or 2952034 if interested to know more about the incident.
My next column will deal on the house blessing and almost two-week night and day escapade with Fil-Am daughter Tala, Nathan and Jin Lorenz. I’m tired!

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Timesman | ‘Kontrabida’ http://mindanaotimes.net/timesman-kontrabida/ http://mindanaotimes.net/timesman-kontrabida/#comments Sun, 17 Jun 2018 16:37:31 +0000 http://mindanaotimes.net/?p=59047 Read more ›]]> Quarreling among children in a family is nothing but natural especially when the parents have died and they inheritance they left is subject of partition among siblings.

Even if there is a will or legal statement of how the “mana” is to be divided, there is always a “kontrabida” among the family members especially when wealth is not equally divided.

Yes, it is only but natural, as there is always of what we call the black sheep in the family no matter how rich and powerful the family is.

Even the first sons of Adam and Eve quarreled and sad to think that one of the brothers, Abel, was murdered by his own brother, Cain (Genesis IV). Cain was jealous of seeing Abel preferred by God.

A long-time friend now living abroad shared his experience with a family whose children quarreled over the wealth they inherited although the parents were still around.

Tomas (my friend) said when the parents decided to donate all their lifetime savings to their children one of the heirs questioned why their parents gave a share to a half-brother “when he is only a half-brother.”

Sad to say, Tomas said the one who questioned wanted their still living parents also out of the sharing because they themselves were the ones donating the properties to them and they may die soon anyway. Bastos!

The father, according to Tomas, explained since they are still alive they need the money for their own maintenance and food. The father said he only gave to their children their shares in advance so that they have something to start with for their own families.

Until now the siblings are not in good terms and even a case has filed by the ungrateful son already reached the court in U.S. because the complainant is not satisfied of what he got. Swapang!

This black sheep in the family deserves no part of the donation. He’s greedy.


Sen. Risa Hontiveros urged President Duterte to sign into law the Mental Health Act which seeks to provide help to Filipinos suffering from depression and other mental health issues.

Hontiveros said: “I really call on the President because the Mental Health bill has already been ratified by both houses of Congress since last May. Within that month, it’s up for signing.”

I fully agree with the Senator in the light of so many cases of suicide as reported here and abroad committed not only ordinary people but celebrities as well.

But one thing is I, too, wanted the immediate signing into law of the Mental Health bill for one reason. So many people in the government now (including barangay officials) have suddenly become too complacent in dealing with their constituents the moment they were given that temporary mandate by the people.

Nagiging hambog, hindi na lumilingon sa pinanggalingan.

And while that might be but natural for some people to act strangely once in power, lumalaki bigla ang ulo, the Hontiveros bill is worth acting by the President the sooner the better. Or we might also suffer from mental disorder!


Yesterday was Father’s Day. As usual, my daughter from abroad made a reservation for six persons to an eat-all-you-can popular establishment at SM Premier in Lanang. No longer at the Vikings where we used celebrating occasions.

It’s a newly open Top One also at SM Premier where you can eat with gusto and beer is also like a leaking pipe of DCWD. Sky is the limit!

Don’t you worry I am still in control of my eating habit and drinking beer too. At my age, people no longer expect me that I am still in the prime of health. But I can still drive even without eyeglasses.

If I can still remember, when mall establishments were not yet in the minds of shoppers, Father’s Day was never an occasion to celebrate then. Now aside from dad’s day we also have Mother’s Day, Grandpa’s Day and Grandma’s Day. And even my pet dog in the house has its share of Animal’s Day.

I am just curious. Some businessmen might have something to do with so many “Days” in a row to celebrate to make sales and rake in profits? Happy Father’s Day!

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Timesman | Kulang sa pansin http://mindanaotimes.net/timesman-kulang-sa-pansin-2/ http://mindanaotimes.net/timesman-kulang-sa-pansin-2/#comments Sun, 10 Jun 2018 16:00:38 +0000 http://mindanaotimes.net/?p=58788 Read more ›]]> TV host and actress Kris Aquino will campaign for Special Assistant to the President (SAP) Christopher Lawrence “Bong” Go if he decides to run for senator in the 2019 mid-term elections.

“You know I will even campaign for you because I believe in you, but why leave the President? Why leave Malacanang? Maybe a snake will take your position,” Kris told Bong in a text message, which the SAP shared in an interview.

I believe that Kris’s support for Bong’s candidacy is for real considering that she considers him “her friend.” And besides, Bong I believe has many friends and supporters, including the former presidential sister.

But with her dwindling popularity and failed marriage, will Kris still have magic to millions of voters many of whom seem suddenly forgotten the name Aquino after the former President Benigno Aquino stepped down from Malacanang and now being implicated in the controversial Dengvaxia and the Mamasapano incident?

I want to believe what some netizens commented about Kris after she exchanged not so nice messages with Communications Assistant Secretary Mocha Uson’s post on social media criticizing the actress father, the late former senator Ninoy Aquino. We just shortened the comments of Netizens in three words in Pilipino, “Kulang sa pansin!”

But when Kris posted a question to Bong, “Maybe a snake will take your position?” this is where I believe Kris. Aray!

Although we now see in many city street corners political propaganda materials endorsing “Bong Go for Senator” while a reliable source informed me that containers-after-containers of T-Shirts bearing the face of Bong are now ready for distribution, I still stick to my belief that Bong is not running for any elective position in the coming elections.

As I said before, Bong maybe not a born politician as he is a guy you can trust, tahimik at mahiyain seeing him when he was still in the arms of her mom Marichu (Tesoro) every time we met at Tesoro’s Printing Press.

He is a big contrast to some politicians who are very talkative but doing nothing in their jobs, mayabang, and never mind. The qualities Bong doesn’t have.

And besides, why leave the President? Why leave Malacanang? (To borrow the words of Kris) We now consider you a “Little President” because DU30’s words are also yours!
Some people think that the kissing scene between President Duterte and a married Filipina worker in public during a meeting with Filipino community in Seoul, South Korea, “is abuse of authority” and the President can make “all the sexist and misogynistic or do as he did and get away with it.”

Gabriela Southern Mindanao in a statement said: “Of course, they may justify that the woman gave consent and felt honored. But this is not about woman. This is about abuse of authority.”

Ewan ko why some people gave malice to a man and a woman kissing on the lips when in some places around the world, particularly in the US, this is a practice that no one ever gives attention to.

As what President Duterte’s reaction to criticism to him, he said: “That’s my style. Look for your own style.” Dah!

My question is, what if you’re in the position of the OFW kissed by the President, will you be shouting protests to high heaven? I doubt.


Tomorrow, June 12 is a regular holiday being an Independence Day. Then another regular holiday on June 15 after the President signed Proclamation No. 514 in lieu of the Muslims Eid’l Fit’r or the end of the Ramadan, a religious festival.

When I was a student, I welcomed every holiday (more than 20 of them not to mention Sundays) a refreshing moment to relax from doing school assignments.

But now I realize that having so many holidays is not only bad for business but as well as holidays make one a dull boy!

I suggest to the President that he should limit his proclamation of holidays in the country. Kawawa naman ang mga negosyante.

Long live Pilipinas!

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Timesman | Green card http://mindanaotimes.net/timesman-green-card/ http://mindanaotimes.net/timesman-green-card/#comments Wed, 06 Jun 2018 16:04:07 +0000 http://mindanaotimes.net/?p=58637 ]]> I got a frantic call from my daughter abroad last week. She said: “Pa, expect a call from the US Immigration Office within a month. Your application for immigrant visa which I filed last Nov. 20, 2017 has been granted last May, 2018, just less than a year. You’re now a green card holder.”

Tala, still single and a Phil-Am card holder, was very excited of the good news she received. More than I am. I didn’t even think then that someday I will be visiting Uncle Sam and be a part of many Filipinos’ American dreams.

Ever since my daughter acquired her American citizenship status eight years ago, she keeps on inviting me to travel to the US, but I politely turned down her invitation by telling her: “Masaya na ako dito sa Pilipinas.

Once Tala told me: “Pa, kapag nakarating ako ng Amerika, yayaman tayo at mag-i-enjoy ka sa retirement years mo.

Although I now live a comfortable life in my retirement years, my feeling is that we’re not rich until now. But Tala’s promise to me that I will enjoy my retirement years the moment she works abroad came true. Masayang masaya na ako sa buhay ko ngayon.

But who knows, I might change my mind and finally make a trip to US and the Timesman might soon begin with dateline: USA.

With this new recognition in my life, I now acquired a triple citizenship – as a natural born Filipino, a senior citizen, and now the green card holder.

Today is World No Tobacco Day. Although I did not smoke since birth, just the same, I have to remind many people tied to the dangerous habit to be cautious of its bad effect to their health.

The UN health agency reported that tobacco use has been linked to more than seven million deaths worldwide each year, including some 890,000 from breathing in second-hand smoke.

But unknown to many, nearly half of those deaths, around three million, are due to cardiovascular disease, including heart attacks and stroke, WHO warned.

Most people know that using tobacco causes cancer and lung disease, but many people aren’t aware that tobacco also causes heart disease and stroke – the world’s leading killers, WHO chief Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said in a statement.

It is not too late to heed the warning. Tobacco will not only shorten your life, but continuous smoking may also contribute a drain to your pocket as this is part of the higher sin tax the government is collecting for every stick you buy. Think!


The long arm of the law has finally caught up with a long-time fugitive and alleged member of a defunct notorious kidnap gang in Central Mindanao in an anti-drug operations conducted by the police in a village in Surralah town, South Cotabato.

The suspect was identified as Danny Andrada, a resident of Sitio Morales, Barangay Centrale.
No matter how clever you are, you can’t have it forever.

It is disheartening to see older people like me handcuffed by the police for being involved in the illegal drugs.

Disheartening in the sense that they should be in the comfort of a happy family at that age and not doing any illegal activity.

Hadja Sitti Jalaidi, an alleged drug leader in Zamboanga City and her follower, Norma Awod, both elderly women, were arrested by the police in an anti-operation.

Sayang, tumanda sila ng paurong!


CCP’s founder Jose Maria Sison, now more than three decades of seeking asylum as a political refugee in the Netherlands is asking for assurance from President Duterte of his safety once he comes home for the signing of the Interim Peace Agreement which is set within the month and the subsequent mutual approval of the Comprehensive Agreement on Social and Economic Reform, the “heart and soul” of the government and National Democratic Front of the Philippines.

President Duterte in his response to Sison’s statement for the latter’s safety said, Sison is free to leave the country “unhampered, unfettered, unbridled” if the talks would turn out unsuccessful. “But this time, sabi ko nga, sabihin ko sa kanya, ‘please, if it is unsuccessful, please go home.’ Ihatid ko siya sa airport. Walang Aquino style na patayan, na barilin ko sa likod.”

Sison’s fear for his life once he steps down the tarmac only shows his being coward as he himself has proven it when he hid in another country for decades.

His followers who continue their struggle for what they believe in while giving their lives do not deserve a leader like the communist Sison.

The President should not also give his assurance of Sison’s safety because he has no control of people who dislike his former professor and might kill him “Aquino style.” And if this happens, who do you think will be blamed for Sison’s death?

This is just a piece of my fear, Mr. President.

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Timesman | More bad eggs http://mindanaotimes.net/timesman-more-bad-eggs/ http://mindanaotimes.net/timesman-more-bad-eggs/#comments Tue, 29 May 2018 02:44:13 +0000 http://mindanaotimes.net/?p=58309 ]]> THE PRESIDENT made an admission in Cebu City when he said: “Basig unsaon nimo katarong, kung naa na sa puesto maghalhal na…oportunidad na manguarta. Na-realize ko na (No matter how good you are, you would change when you are already in the position, when there’s opportunity to steal, I realize that).” It is a sweeping accusation no other politicians will dare say.

While President Duterte is just telling the truth that no president before him admitted, I would say: “Kagalang-galang na Pangulo na hindi naman po lahat ay magnanakaw sa gobyerno. In fairness to those who are only doing their jobs to serve the government and the people, they are the exemptions ONLY (in big letters), the bad eggs in the government outnumber the good ones.”

I am speaking in behalf of my late wife Virgie and my son Jojo although they were not politicians. Virgie retired from the government after serving 37 years as a devoted and honest public servant in the city council to attend to the family business despite the fact that she still had three more remaining years before reaching the mandatory retirement age of 65.

She was even offered a higher position at City Hall so that she would not just leave the government, but she decided to just retire. She told me: “Kulang ang sueldo ko para mabigyan natin nang magandang bukas ang ating mga anak.”

My eldest son Jojo is still in the government and I know him also as an honest person like his mother.

Once, he called me by phone and told me: “Pa, nakapulot ako sa CR ng Sangguniang Panlungsod ng pera na nasa envelope. Dinala ko sa ABS-CBN para tawagan ang nawalan.”

Jojo was still a casual employee then and the minimum wage he was receiving from the government could not even enough to meet the family needs, yet he didn’t think of keeping the money for himself.

ABS-CBN found the owner of the envelope and that the money still intact.

Maniniwala ba kayo kung sino ang may-ari ng pera? Ang dating Vice Mayor Pulong!

I am recalling these two incidents that happened to no less my late wife Virgie and son Jojo not because “nagbubuhat ako ng sariling bangko, but because I wanted to correct the impression of the President that ….`Basig unsaon nimo katarong, kung naa na sa puesto, maghalhal na…oportunidad na mangwarta…’.”

I repeat, Mr. President, hindi po lahat. But sad to say, again, the bad eggs outnumber the good ones in government.


Sayang, Jin Lorenz and I are supposed to be in Malacanang by now upon invitation of our family friend – the Maypa family who will try to meet President Duterte there. They were also invited by someone close to the Palace.

Unfortunately, pressing matters here keep us from taking the trip to Manila.

Okasyon ko na sana ma-meet for the first time ang Presidente after his election.

Siguro sa party ko sa bahay, pagbibigyan niya na ako!


The national ID system now awaiting the signature of President Duterte is said to strengthen the country’s campaign against lawlessness including terrorism and drug trafficking.

It also, according to the author of the bill, may be used in all government transactions including applications for passports, driver’s license, availment of services and benefits offered by insurance institutions, clearances from the courts, prosecutor and the police, and other transactions requiring proof of identifications.

The intention and benefits the ID system may give to its holders may already be the solutions to the red tape in many government offices.

But we also have to consider the opposition of many who fear that the national ID system may put everyone’s life in danger as personal information of the holder is stored in the card.

On the assurance that it will help the government in its campaign against lawlessness and drug trafficking, I believe that what the military is doing now to neutralize rebel groups destabilizing the government and the police on its “tokhang” drive are in the right directions and both are doing a great job.

Ang national ID system, luko-luko ba ang NPA or drug addict na kumuha nito at pagkatapos ay para lamang makilala?

Para sa akin, may national ID o wala, okay lang. My senior citizen’s card is sufficed to introduce myself in all transactions. Nakaka discount pa sa mga food chain!


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Timesman | Dante’s peak http://mindanaotimes.net/timesman-dantes-peak/ http://mindanaotimes.net/timesman-dantes-peak/#comments Sun, 20 May 2018 14:16:46 +0000 http://mindanaotimes.net/?p=57925 Read more ›]]> The title has nothing to do with the movie “Dante’s Peak” portrayed by Pierce Brosnan, but an attraction in the northern of the region.

Last week, our group visited several tourist spots in Davao Oriental, among them the
Mountain Top Spring Resort in Barangay Macambol, Mati City. Part of that resort is Dante’s Peak, named after businessman Dante Sapalo, 55, 6’4 in height and former basketball player in both the commercial and the collegiate leagues in the 1980s.

According to Dante, a very simple man despite his wealth with a big heart and a native of Mati, after his retirement from basketball and with the money he saved, he and some friends explored the peak, 1,000 feet above sea level overlooking Balite Bay and Baywalk Park of Mati few years back.

After exploring the place that can only be reached by foot, Dante told his friends that he will develop the area into a world class tourist spot and asked them if they will be joining him. But he got negative response, although this did not discourage him even he lost a huge amount of money in other ventures. This time he said, he will succeed because he already learned from previous mistakes.
He then proceeded with his plan and returned to the place with some workers and heavy equipment as they started building roads as he also succeeded in convincing the property owners of his intention.

Within the year, Dante was able to make a two-way winding but rough road, which turns muddy during rainy days, At the drop off point of Dante’s Peak we parked our cars after almost one-and-a-half hours of driving.

Our worries were finally forgotten when we saw the place and took dip of the cold and continuous flowing blue crystal alkaline water of the swimming pool.

And you can also drink the water in the pool. I didn’t try although our water in the house is also alkaline. Sa dami ng batang naliligo, baka ang iba hindi na nakatiis. Hehe.

Part of the development are the 35 air-conditioned cabins already in place, seven swimming pools as Dante is planning to build more within the 15-hectare property.

Another 35 tree houses are also on the planning stage with power generators to be built to light the occupied area.
Dante was already waiting for us when the convoy of 3 cars arrived. Dr. Lobo was the one who informed us to see Dante’s Peak before going home. He notified Dante by phone that we were coming.

In my next column, I will tell you more about the continuation of our escapade.

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