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Help sought in securing Mindanao energy facilities

THE TOP official of Department of Energy (DOE) has requested the Department of National Defense to help in securing the energy facilities in Mindanao, which has been placed

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EDITORIAL: Knee-jerk reaction

BEFORE anything else, it is within the ambit of the executive department’s functions to declare martial law in any part of the country. It’s not President Rodrigo Duterte

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Shoplifter charged

A SUSPECTED shoplifter has been indicted for stealing a pair of jeans from a NCCC Main in Uyanguren last May 8.

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San Pedro police chief debunks set-up in arrest

THE COMMANDER of the San Pedro Police Precinct yesterday denied allegations that they framed a customs police agent whom they arrested for drugs in a buy-bust operation along Mamay Road,

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EDITORIAL| Distracting

LAST WEEK, the government started implementing the Anti-Distracted Driving Act, a law designed to supposedly prevent drivers from getting distracted by their gadgets.

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EDITORIAL| Political will

TO COMMON people, assistance is usually beneficial. If someone provides a mendicant with a piece of bread, the giver knows that the receiver does not need to repay him or her in return.

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EDITORIAL| Necessary change

THE ORDER of the Regional Police Office for police stations to beef up their security mechanisms to prevent the attacks of the New People’s Army must be taken seriously

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TIMESMAN| A job well done

TRANSFERRING to a new home after more than three decades in the old place is exciting especially because the new place is considered a posh subdivision.

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Mayor given authority to tap fund for blast victims

LAWMAKERS approved on third reading two ordinances authorizing the mayor to utilize a portion of the trust fund obtained from donations to the city for the victims

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EDITORIAL| No rest for the weary

WHILE THE predominantly Catholic country is on a long holiday, President Rodrigo Duterte was in the Middle East meeting with the overseas contract workers in three countries

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