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STRIKE HOME| Arnis still takes the backseat

MANY Filipinos may have seen him in action as Michaelangelo in the Ninja Turtle movies but do not have the idea

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STRIKE HOME| Let Marcos stay in the past

I VOTED for Rodrigo R. Duterte without hesitation and when it came to the vice-presidency,

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STRIKE HOME| Dancing to the music; Teddyboy fits the bill

SHE STRUCK the chord now she must dance to the music.  Talk about sudden turn of events.

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STRIKE HOME|De Lima’s best shot misfired

IF EDGAR Matobato was Senator Leila de Lima’s best shot, it misfired miserably.

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Sikwate goes global

THE TOWN of San Isidro in Davao del Norte is practically exulting in the limelight these days arising from the windfall that its “love affair” with cacao has brought about.


STRIKE HOME| Why solar power not considered an option

I THOUGHT that for a place like Mindanao where summer reigns for the whole year, solar power could be one

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STRIKE HOME | Two birds with one stone

THE RECENTLY held all-stakeholder water summit in Davao City appeared to have hit two birds with one stone by highlighting

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STRIKE HOME|Basking in the limelight; Pacquiao’s national legacy

FROM LAOS to Indonesia and back to Davao City, President Rodrigo R. Duterte appeared to be enjoying the attention

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STRIKE HOME| Muddying the waters

ONE HILARIOUS Facebook entry that surfaced in the wake of the Davao bombing that claimed 14 lives and injured 70 others

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STRIKE HOME|`Sinikmahan sa palad’

WHOEVER is behind the bomb that claimed 14 lives and wounded 67 others in Davao City has no respect for human lives.

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