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Lugar Lang: “I feel so voter”

Hands down the best news I received from home when I was abroad last week for my PhD symposium was from my daughter, who sent me a screenshot of her ink-stained thumb and accomplished voter registration form with the message “I feel so voter.”

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Lugar Lang: Call it historical negationism

One of the many things that struck me in the discussions during my PhD symposium at RMIT University last weekend was the notion that revisionism has two faces—that it is not necessarily negative, even in historical matters.

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Lugar Lang: The stragol is trifling

Let’s face it. Most of us have, at one point or another, made fun of someone’s use of a language, and not just English. My own children make fun of the way I speak Binisaya, saying it is “lain paminawon”

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Lugar Lang: Inflation for dummies

Yesterday my daughter, who is in Grade 12, asked me to explain inflation and why the current 6.4% rate is alarming everyone except the staunch (or blind) loyalists. I admit I told her to ask a tita with an Economics degree so she’d get accurate information. (It takes a village, after all.)

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Lugar Lang: Time to call out your Tatay D

I’ve been thinking about family lately. Every time I lose my househelp in Davao City, I come unhinged. It’s not the housework, really.

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Lugar Lang: The chief injustice of it all

Writing this piece on National Heroes Day begs the question: in this dastardly Duterte administration, what good is it for them to commemorate heroism?

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Lugar Lang: Cayetano as a battered (running) mate

It’s tragic. I want to empathize with the battered persons in this administration, like I do battered women.

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Lugar Lang: How to deal with flooding

Only after 10 years of living in Davao did I learn the Binisaya saying, “Kapugngan pa ang baha, dili ang biga” through famous last words by a woman angry enough to make this judgment.

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Lugar lang | Speaking from and for the heart

I forgive you. And you. And you. Yes, you, too. In the spirit of President Rodrigo Duterte promising he will speak from the heart in his third State of the Nation Address (SONA), let me speak from mine. Never mind

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Lugar Lang | What would you have done?

I ADMIT it. I have failed you. I had the opportunity to change the course of events but I didn’t.

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