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WRITING DETOURS | 3 things to keep in check if you work out regularly

Whenever I travel I always make sure that I pack a set of gym clothes so that I can squeeze a workout anytime. 

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Creating small ripples in community nutrition

MALNUTRITION remains an important concern in various communities in Davao City and efforts to address this must remain consistent.

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WRITING DETOURS| 10 stages of eating a Korean spicy noodle pack

1. Curiosity What is the buzz all about? It’s just instant noodles. This fire noodle challenge in social media seems ridiculous.

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WRITING DETOURS| How to quit fast food

FAST FOOD  intake among busy people has long been so common that many forget (or ignore) the detriments of these to the human body in the long run.

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WATERBREAK| Strong by Zumba is not a dance workout

THE NOVELTY in Strong by Zumba–the music-led high intensity interval training (HIIT) brand by Zumba–lies in how

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WATER BREAK| I tried Piloxing and I’m ready to fight Pacquiao

HOLIDAY Gym Davao has been offering Piloxing in one of its group classes in the past months now but I never really got to try it

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When digital art comes to life

DIGITAL art in Davao City flourishes even in the offline world by means of independently held events and gatherings that spur growth among artists.


Your Singapore food trip -undiscovered food concepts in the Lion City mean more reasons to visit and come back

THE CREATIVITY involved in giving live to Singapore’s culinary scene is a wonder in itself: it sheds an enticing light on restaurants,

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Caring for cats

NON-PROFIT group theKATcloset (TKC) held a special spay and neuter event with hopes to promote the well-being of rescued cats.

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NYC aims to create more educated voters

THE NATIONAL Youth Commission here in Davao wants young people to KEBS—to know the elections better!

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