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Honoring my Mother: Adapting to change

It was in high school where I first heard the saying, “The only thing permanent is change.”

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Honoring my Mother: A celebration of life

Attempts at remembering good times during moments of utmost sadness, like the sudden passing of a long-time friend, have got to be among the most difficult things to do. Even with a given, that sometimes emotions and tears may get

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Honoring My Mother: Snap you

If we were to judge the world by its hair-trigger reactions on social media, we might safely infer that, my oh my, this is such a touchy planet. Have-a-piece-of-my-mind is now the new normal and ‘I am, therefore I exist,’

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Honoring my Mother: Savoring Memories like fried chicken

I was once told that the restaurant where my friend and I had dinner the other night was a local branch of one of the oldest restaurants in the country.

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Honoring My Mother: September means

Two songs prominently feature the month of September. One talks about seeing you when summer is gone, and the other, reminds you to wake up when the month ends.

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Honoring my Mother: Ode to youth on a weekend

Woke up, fell out of bed, dragged a comb across my head. Ugh, that Beatles song again.

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Honoring my Mother: A Madayaw kind of week

I caught a bit of the Kadayawan fever this week. The Lumad festival that celebrates thanksgiving, bountiful harvest, and peaceful co-existence with others (in other words, the motherhood celebration of all celebrations) had everything happening in the city all at once.

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Honoring my mother: Saying goodbye

When you think about it, the term ‘goodbye’ evokes a deep sense of finality that is so difficult to comprehend. It often begs the question, what follows after you have said goodbye?

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Honoring my Mother: Love thy neighbors

If respect for others were measured through a visual spectrum of colors, then living in the middle of a housing project, such as a subdivision, would totally be a rainbow.

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Honoring my mother | Of lasting friendships in a smaller world

Just before the weekend over a sumptuous dinner, my family and I touched base with two friends whom we had become very close to during our stay in Australia years ago.

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