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Honoring my mother | I don’t know where I stand

HAD an interesting discourse with my breakfast companions of a thousand years. It first started with a question concerning terms like First World, Second World and Third World. My son had asked what countries comprised each.

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Honoring my mother | Reflections of a tree trunk

THE KNOWING smiles from the worn out faces make me smile, especially when its owners are old friends, talking about the “know-it-all” posturing of their teen children. It is late afternoon, and we all sit and reminisce in its soft

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HONORING MY MOTHER | A dyslexic society and the written word

AT THE grocery, I find myself back in line, at my favorite lane, the Senior’s Express. It is a fun space, as all appear to be on downers, while we, of ripe age tend to slo-mo everything, from putting the

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