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PARADIGM SHIFT| Politicization of American intelligence

THE POLITICIZATION of American intelligence by the left is dangerous and will have very serious consequences for American national interests. Politicization also destroys trust and relations

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MCI instructors receive certificate from DepEd

ON SATURDAY night, May 6, the Department of Education Regional Director, Attorney Alberto T. Escobarte and Dr. Janette G. Velosa,

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PARADIGM SHIFT| The End of the Liberal World Order

THE WORLD wars badly destroyed the concept of nationalism and led to the establishment of the United Nations and the European Economic Community or the Common Market.

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PARADIGM SHIFT| The new era: The end of secularism in Turkey

ON SUNDAY the Turkish people approved a referendum with a 51.41 percent vote for the constitutional changes that will marshal Turkey into a presidential system.

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PARADIGM SHIFT| Some religious leaders are more corrupt than politicians

LAST week six church leaders from one of the leading Christian churches in Singapore were sent to prison for embezzling

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PARADIGM SHIFT| Asia becomes more globalist, West becomes more protectionist

WHEN WE talk about economic development, we often start with Adam Smith’s The Wealth of Nations, which explains modern economic growth.

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The West Is Treating the Rest of the World Hypocritically/ like Toddlers

PRESIDENT Rodrigo Duterte lashed out against the European Parliament for demanding that the Philippines

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PARADIGM SHIFT| President Donald Trump and a deep state

Since Donald Trump took office, his days have been filled with executive orders to clean up the unconstitutional excesses of the Obama presidency.

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PARADIGM SHIFT| Polarization

TWO OF Donald Trump’s most effective slogans during the presidential campaign were “America First” and “Make America Great Again.”

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PARADIGM SHIFT| Trump Presidency: Clash of value, culture, and ideology

ISLAM is going to be the last giant to face Christians. In the few days since Donald Trump took office, he has signed quite a number of executive orders,

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