Aussie educational foundation strengthens ties with the city

The Australian Foundation for Fostering Learning in the Philippines (AFFLIP) expressed its desire to provide assistance to students of 15 elementary schools of Talomo District during the regular session of the City Council yesterday.

The AFFLIP, a voluntary, non-profit group based in South Australia, represented by Susan Boucher, AFFLIP chairperson, and Ali Douglas, deputy chairman, said that 20,754 students serve to benefit from the program.

In a privilege speech, Councilor Pilar Braga, chair of the committee on education, science, and technology, said yesterday it is not the first time for AFFLIP to be in the city for monitoring of their flagship project of enhancing the skills of public school teachers, especially in Talomo.

AFFLIP has a five flagship programs in Davao City including Professional Development with P836,000 allotment; Literacy, Schools Networking allotted with P2 million; Health and Nutrition with P3,440,000; Scholarship Programs with P1,355,955; and Curriculum Resources and Learning through the Outdoor Environment with P320,000.

“AFFLIP’s focus is on learning, and so its various programs involve fundraising to provide physical facilities and learning resources for schools, linking with other agencies to promote the health and nutrition of students, and supporting professional development for teachers,” Boucher said.

Douglas added that education is central to the well-being of individuals and whole communities. In developing countries, this connection makes education the key to overcoming poverty, building the economy, and energizing democracy.

Braga passed a resolution recommending and recognizing AFFLIP for their work in the City.

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