Army accuses NPA of burning down school

ALLEGED members of the New People’s Army (NPA) burned down a school in Barangay Concepcion, Valencia City on Sunday.

Lt. Erwin Bugarin, the civil military operations officer of 8th Infantry Battalion, reported that armed men torched the school supposedly after their extortion attempts were foiled.

Apparently, the army report claimed the rebel group asked for their share in the fund intended for the feeding program of the pupils. The faculty room, classroom and library of the annex school of Valencia National High School was razed.

“Without considering the effects of their actions to the civilian populace especially the students of the said school, the armed group burned a faculty room, one classroom and one library in the process,” he said.

“It is very evident that the NPA exempts no one in their extortion activities, not even the schools which are essential in providing education for our country’s future,” he further said.

He said the Guerilla Front 16 is operating around Valencia City and nearby areas. The school is located quite a distance away from the city proper.

The estimated damage of the burning amounted to P160,000.

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