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MAYBE, to some who were never visited by cancer in the family, cancer is fearsome, only fearsome.

A husband reconciled with his family, a wife forgave her husband who deserted her upon knowing she had cancer, a lawyer wisely united his pain of leaving life too early to the passion and death of our Lord Jesus, a son learned to pray the rosary for his dying mother, a daughter realized that the bigger “C” is CHRIST.  These are just a few of the stories of the awesome grace of God.

Familiar to how God embraces more tightly those who suffer, Dra. Margaret Domingo, while on remission, wanted to give back to God all glory for her personal journey through a cancer support group.With some solo parent friends, they discerned in prayer for God’s holy will.

6.AMUMA Pres. Mae Hipolito, Past Pres. Bella Sarenas and Dr. Jose Beltran with SPMC Doctors

AMUMA Pres. Mae Hipolito, Past Pres. Bella Sarenas and Dr. Jose Beltran with SPMC Doctors

Jesuit priest Bert Alejo, moved by the strength of spirit of friend Doris Aquino, gathered a group touched by cancer in many ways.

Destined to meet, “Paring Bert” and Dr. Margie Domingo co-founded the AMUMA Cancer Support Group Foundation, Inc. in 2003.  Gathering warriors who were still undergoing treatment, survivors, caregivers, friends from the medical, and allied fields, lawyers, businessmen, government employees, retirees, priests and religious, the foundation was formally launched in July 5, 2003.

On its 14th year, AMUMA again hosted its free medical, dental, ophthalmology, and related services mission in Barangay Mulig, Toril on July 9.  In coordination with the parish church, barangay officers, and support organizations, the mission treated from 300-700 indigent patients in different barangays all these 14 years.

Aside from its medical mission, AMUMA starts its yearly Way of the Cross with the chrism mass at the San Pedro Cathedral every Maundy Thursday.  With the Stations of the Cross prayers to be said by the patients or family members, Amumans visit homes of 14 members and non-members and end its prayer in the Undivided Heart farm.

AMUMA members celebrate 14th Anniversary

AMUMA members celebrate 14th Anniversary

The past saw AMUMA holding Hibang Klaseng Kanserts 1 and 2, symposia on cancer, healthy cooking, zumba, bingo, home- visitations, pray over, vigils, even floral arrangement demo!

AMUMA continues to invite people to be part of its mission as member, partner – donor.

In 2003, AMUMA published its book, SIGE DAW (stories of cancer survivors and caregivers) with its tag line …because we care.  To care, despite one’s personal circumstance, is a call to grace.  Deep pain has taught us to care back, to give love back.

Please join us.  Share your story and be a part of our second book. Bless others by its grace-filled moments, its lessons learned.  And together we will pray TO GOD BE ALL THE GLORY!

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