Allowance increase

Mayor vows addition P2,000 for each volunteers by January

BELIEVING that the volunteer police auxiliaries have helped in the maintenance of peace and order in the city, the city government announced it will give an additional allowance to the volunteers.

Mayor Sara Duterte told reporters yesterday that P2,000 will be added to the current P6,000 allowance for the police volunteers by January next year.

But Duterte said those who get the additional allowance should have served at least one year as police auxiliary.

The mayor said the current pay is “standard since it is allowance only.”

Duterte said that if the police volunteers work five days a week, they will be getting P8,000, the usual minimum monthly salary for employees.

Yesterday, the mayor held a boodle fight with the police volunteers, numbering around 900, to express her gratitude to them for helping the city in maintaining peace and order.

In a separate interview, Davao City Police Office (DCPO) director Sr. Supt. Alexander Tagum said the police volunteers have been a big help.

He said the crime rate in the city significantly dropped after the DCPO tapped the police volunteers May last year.

“I can say that we can attribute (the crime-rate decrease) to the additional deployment (of the police volunteers),” Tagum said.

He said even the participants in the recent Alveo Ironman competition commented that the city has many policemen, “not knowing that half of these are police auxiliaries provided by the city government,” Tagum said.

He said the auxiliaries have helped not only in the conduct of different strategic programs but also

as added intelligence sources.

Based on the DCPO record, the city recorded 100 focused crime incidents (murder, homicide, physical injury, rape, robbery, theft, and carnapping) in 2017, the year that the auxiliaries were tapped as additional force.

Before the auxiliaries were hired, the DCPO recorded 229 crime incidents in 2015 and 159 in 2016.

For the monthly crime volume comparative crime trend, the DCPO recorded 1,054 crime volume for January to December 2015 and 553 in 2016. Last year, it reduced to 450.

“We can see the decrease of the crime incidents,”

Tagum said. “The major reason for this is the support of the police auxiliary.”

Tagum said the additional allowance will surely contribute much to the income of these forces.

“It will have a big impact (on their) living conditions,” Tagum said as higher allowance also means that the volunteers will be away from illegal gambling or other illegal activities.

With a total of 910 volunteers (five per barangay), the city is currently spending P5.46 million every month for the auxiliaries. The additional P2,000 means the city has to spend another 1.82 million every month next year.