Alleged thief charged

THE CITY Prosecutor’s Office found probable cause to indict a man for allegedly stealing a bag and a cellular phone from a house last Aug. 8.

Prosecutor Rizalyn Y. Gonzales found probable cause to indict Jonathan Fervy Canillo for theft based on the complaint filed by Silvestre Sergs Pesquera Francia.

According to the resolution, Francia alleged that on Aug. 8, when he was about to get inside his house, he noticed the presence of a man standing at the dimly lit portion of his house. The suspect ran away upon seeing the complainant.

Francia then noticed a long stick or sungkit by the window of his house. Once inside the house, he realized that his pack bag worth P1,500 and cellular phone worth P5,000 were already missing.

Francia immediately chased after the suspect and saw him at the nearby piggery being mauled by the neighbors.

Arresting officer PO2 Richard Torregosa found two bullets inside an eyeglasses pouch from the possession of the suspect. This became the basis for the charge of violation of RA 10591 (Comprehensive Firearms and Ammunitions Regulation Act).

However, the complaint for violation of RA 10591 was recommended for dismissal as the evidence submitted was insufficient to support finding probable cause.

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